Saussurea Obvallata



Name in different languages:

Hindi               -               Brhamakamal

Sanskrit          -               Brhamakamal

Pahaadi          -               Sarjkool

Punjabi           -               Virm kabal, Kambal

Latin              -              Saussurea obvallata

Useful in different diseases:  

1. Liver enlargement: Taking the ash of saussurea obvallata’s flowers mixing with honey provides relief.

2.  Epilepsy: Rub the oil of saussurea obvallata’s flowers on the head. Its use remains far a person from epilepsy fits and mental disorders.

3.  Wound: Grind the root of saussurea obvallata plant and apply it on the injury-affected portion or crushed part of the body. Its use provides relief.