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Secale Cornutum


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         Sarsaparilla is used for curing many diseases of the urinary bladder. This medicine is also used in the case of kidney pain. It provides relief from pain quickly.   

Useful in various symptoms:-

Mind-related symptoms:-

         The patient becomes disappointed from his life and thinks as if his life is in vain. If someone tries to understand or touches him, he gets angry. The patient suffers from excessive irritation and wants loneliness. He is not able to talk properly with others. By giving Sarsaparilla to the suffered patient checks above symptoms.  

Gynecology symptoms:-

         Sarsaparilla is an excellent remedy in the cases of contraction, cracks and smallness of the nipples, lack of excitement, forehead itching before menstruations, delayed menstruation and scanty menstruations and wet pimples on the right thigh before menses.

Skin-related symptoms:-

         Sarsaparilla is used in the cases of skin contraction, skin wrinkles, skin wounds, skin pimples caused by air, dry itching on the skin which appears in the spring, cracks on the skin of the hands and feet, skin hardness and boils and pimples of the skin in the summers. This medicine cures above symptoms completely.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

         Sarsaparilla is a great remedy in the cases of intensive pain in the body parts like paralysis, shivering of the hands and feet, burning sensation in the fingers and toes, symptoms of arthritis, bones pain which aggravates at night, deep cracks in the fingers and toes, burning sensation under the nails, hand ringworms, wounds around the fingers tips and rheumatic pain after spermathorrhoea

Symptoms of men diseases:-

         Sarsaparilla should be used in the cases of spermathorrhoea (blood with sperm), excessive foul smell from the genitalia organs, ringworms of the genitalia organs, itching of the testicles and penis, syphilis, abscess and bones pain. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.  

Urine-related symptoms:-

         Sarsaparilla is a beneficial remedy in the cases of intensive pain of the ureter after urination, ureter stone which comes out with urine in small pieces and blood, scanty but dirty urination and ureter swelling with pain caused by touching it. Urine freezes like white sand. If the patient urinates in sitting condition, urine passes out as drop by drop or in standing position, urine comes out properly. The child screams loudly after or before urination. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.     

Head-related symptoms:-

         Sarsaparilla can be used in the cases of intensive pain in the head on the right temple like gun shoot, pain from the rear of the forehead to the eyes, echoing of loud sound into ears to the ear joints, headache due to cold and catarrh, headache after influenza and much trouble caused by headache. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.   

Mouth-related symptoms:-

         Sarsaparilla is an effective medicine in the cases of tongue whiteness caused by blisters, excessive salivation from the mouth, offensive breath and vapid taste of the mouth. The patient does not feel thirst too.

Stomach-related symptoms:-

         Sarsaparilla is very useful drug in the cases of severe rumbling and yeasting in the abdomen, stomach pain, back pain, offensive air from the anus and loose motions of the children.


         These symptoms are aggravated by stretching, in the spring season, in the last minutes of urination, at night, in the rain and during menstrual flows.


         These symptoms are ameliorated in standing position and by removing the cloth from the chest and neck.


         Mercurius or Sepia should be used before or after this drug.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:-

         Belladonna and Mercurius are used for removing all the bad effects of Sarsaparilla.


         Sarsaparilla can be compared with drugs like- Barbe, Lycopodium, Natrum-muriaticum, Sesaphras, Soruras, Petroleum, Qucarvita Sitrelas, etc. 


         Giving 1st to 6th potency of Sarsaparilla to the suffered patient cures him within few days.