Sarracenia purrurea




          Sarracenia purrurea is considered as very useful for curing chicken pox. Besides it, this medicine is also useful in the cases of eyes diseases, congestion of the head with irregularity of heartbeat, jaundice, headache due to vomiting and burning sensation in many parts of the body especially in the neck, shoulders and head.

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Head-related symptoms:-

      Sarracenia purrurea is an excellent remedy in the cases of intensive headache and headache due to accumulation of blood in the head.

Eyes-related symptoms:-

          Sarracenia purrurea is used in the cases of glaucoma, eyes pain due to lighting, swelling and pain in the eyes, intensive pain in the internal portion of the eyes and seeming of black spots before the eyes all the time. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Stomach-related symptoms:-

          Sarracenia purrurea is a great remedy in the cases of over hunger in spite of eating much food, feeling sleepy while eating, vapid taste of the mouth, white coat on the tongue and intensive pain after stomachache with vomiting

Back-related symptoms:-

          Pain goes on moving in the middle of the scapulas in a zigzag way through the back. Giving Sarracenia purrurea to the suffered patient provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

          Sarracenia purrurea is a beneficial remedy in the cases of weakness of the hands and feet, crushing pain of the knees and Uru-sandhi, intensive pain in the bones of the arms and weakness in the middle portion of the shoulders.   

Skin-related symptoms:-

          Sarracenia purrurea is an effective medicine in the symptoms of chicken pox. It also prevents chicken pox to mature.


          These symptoms are aggravated by light, after taking meal and at night.  


          These symptoms are ameliorated by lying down.  


          Sarracenia purrurea can be compared with drugs like- Tarta-Eme, Veriyoli, Maledri, etc.


          3rd to 6th potency of Sarracenia purrurea should be taken to cure diseases.