Sappon Wood



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[ S ] Related Medicines:

Names: Patang (sappon wood) is known by the names of Raktsaar, Ranjan and Raktakashtha.

Color: Its woods and flower are red.

Characteristics: Its characteristics are like sandal wood (chandan). It is helpful to remove burning sensation of the body.

Helpful in different diseases:

1.Cancer: Wash the affected portion with helping the decoction of sappon wood and wild or sweet violet; it removes offensive smell of the wounds.

2.Bloody diarrhea: Bloody diarrhea can be cured by taking the decoction of sappon wood.

3.Swelling and burning sensation in the stomach: Take a decoction of sappon wood and apply it on the stomach, it reduces swelling and burning sensation.

4.Blood disorder due to bile: Taking decoction of sappon wood blood disorder that is caused by bile.