Saponaria is considered as very useful remedy for curing all types of cold. Besides it, this medicine is also useful for curing throat inflammation, cold and catarrh

Useful in various symptoms:-

Head-related symptoms:-

           Saponaria is an effective drug in the cases of headache like pricking-needle especially in the Akshignharo and in the left side which aggravates by movement and daily in the evening, accumulated blood in the head, feeling of tiredness in the neck joints as if the patient has drunk lots of wine and about to falling leftward, feeling of chocked nose with excessive sneezing and nose itching.

Eyes related symptoms:-

          Saponaria is a great remedy in the cases of intensive pain in the eyes, pain in the deepness of the eyeballs like pricking-needle, neuralgic pain of the eyelids especially in the left side, eyes pain due to light, glaucoma and dilated eyeballs outwards which is aggravated by study. 

Stomach-related symptoms:-

            Saponaria should be used in the cases of dysphagia, retching, chest inflammation and sensation of fulfillment which does not ameliorate even after belching. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Heart-related symptoms:-

         Saponaria is a beneficial remedy in the cases of irregularity of the heartbeat, sensation of the heart weakness and slow palpitation of the pulse.


            These symptoms are aggravated by doing mental work and at night.


            Saponaria can be compared with Seponin, Qualaya, Paris, Cyclamen and Hallonium medicines.