Sapodilla Plum



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Raw sapodilla plum is vapid and ripe sapodilla plum is very sweet and tasty. Long round sapodilla plum is the best than round. Introduction:

           Mostly, sapodilla plum tree is found in West Indies Island of torrid zone of South Africa. It is famous the name of “Chicoj peti”. But it is found in all countries at present time. There are three kinds of sapodilla plum.

1.     Long and round

2.     Simple long round

3.     Round

           Raw sapodilla plum is vapid and ripe sapodilla plum is very sweet and tasty. Long round sapodilla plum is the best than round. Ripe sapodilla plum is used in breakfast in all the fruits. Some people take pudding (halva) of ripe sapodilla plum after cooking. Its pudding (halva) is very tasty. Taking sapodilla plums causes the different type of freshness and energy in the body. It contains sugar in excessive quantity. It increases freshness in this body after dissolving in the blood. Taking sapodilla plums increases strength and makes the intestines strong.

            “Chical” named substance originates from the tree of sapodilla. A type of oily milky juice is brought out from the bark of bark of its tree, which is called ‘chical’. It is a type of gum which is used to make the cheunggum. It is chewed and used to joint small things. It is used to make “transmission belts” in the operation pertaining from belongs to dental science. It is also used instead of “Gatapachi named substance. Its bark increases body strength and cures fever. Its bark contains tannin substance. Its bark is used to paint the sails of boats and the means of catching the fish by the fishermen of South Luzon.

           The fruit Sapodilla plum is cool in nature, nutritive and sweet. It increases appetite and contains sugar in excessive quantity. It is heavy in digestion and cures bile disorders. The patient who suffers from fever should take sapodilla plum. If sapodilla plum is taken after meals, it provides benefit definitely.

According to scientist: Sapodilla plum’ fruit contains “sampotine” named substance in less quantity. Its seeds increase urine and generate loose motions. Its seeds contain saponin and sampotinin named bitter substance. Its fruit contains 71% water, 1.5% protein, 1.5% fat, 25.5% carbohydrate and low quantity of alkali. It contains vitamin-A in excessive quantity and vitamin-C in low quantity. Its fruit contains 14% sugar. It also contains phosphorus and iron in excessive quantity.

Note: Only ripe sapodilla plum should be taken instead of raw sapodilla plum. Raw sapodilla plum generates constipation and stomachache because of heaviness.

Helpful in different diseases:

1. Loose motions: Taking the decoction of sapodilla plum bark is useful to prevent loose motions and fever.

2. Enhancement of Sperm: Taking sapodilla plum with sugar increases sperm count.

3. Anuria and dysuria: Taking sapodilla plum provides relief in anuria-dysuria.

4. Bile disorders: Soak sapodilla plum with butter at overnight. In the next morning, taking it provides relief in bile disorders and fever too

5. Anemia: Taking 3-4 pieces of sapodilla plum for 8-10 days regularly is useful to increase blood in the body.