Santoninum is considered as very useful for curing all the diseases of the eyes and problems while urination. Besides it, this medicine is also useful for curing diseases caused by stomach worms as stomach inflammation, nose itching, restlessness during sleep and muscles quivering.

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Head-related symptoms:-

         Santoninum is an excellent remedy in the cases of intensive headache with inability to identify colours and scratching nose with finger all the time due to itching.  

Eyes-related symptoms:-

         Santoninum should be used in the cases of eyesight weakness suddenly, inability to identify any colour correctly from the eyes, black circles around the eyes and squint due to worms. This medicine checks above symptoms quickly.

Mouth-related symptoms:-

         Santoninum is a great remedy in the cases of offensive breathing, anorexia, over thirst, tongue redness, teeth grinding during sleep at night, retch which ameliorates after taking food and feeling suffocation.   

Urine-related symptoms:-

         Santoninum is used in the cases of kidneys swelling, bed wetting, inability to stop urine, dysuria, sensation of fulfillment in the ureter, green urination due to reaction with acid and red or purple urination due to reaction with alkali. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 


         Santoninum can be compared with drugs like- Cina, Spigelia, Teucrium, Nephtha, Natrum-Phosphoricum, etc.


         Trituration of 2nd to 3rd potency of Santoninum should be given to the patient.


         Lower potency of Santoninum often acts as poison. This medicine should not be given to the children who suffer from fever or constipation.