Saniquila is very useful drug for curing infantile diseases as bed-wetting, bones’ diseases (rickets), etc. 

Useful in various symptoms:-

Throat-related symptoms:-

            Saniquila is a great remedy in the case of discharging thick, thready and sticky phlegm from the throat.

Mouth-related symptoms:-

            Saniquila is an excellent remedy in the cases of tongue ringworms, dilated tongue and looseness of the tongue with its inflammation. The patient has to remove out his tongue for keeping it cold.   

Stomach-related symptoms:-

            The patient suffers from retching and vomiting while traveling in a car and other vehicles. The patient has to drink water again and again due to thirst, but he suffers from vomiting just after drinking water. Giving Saniquila to the afflicted patient cures his above symptoms.   

Head-related symptoms:-

            Saniquila should be used in the cases of excessive sweating on the neck joints and in the rear of the forehead during sleep, sensation of fear due to darkness, dripping tears from the eyes by cold air, excessive and coaty dandruff in the head and pain in the rear of the ears. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.  

Rectum-related symptoms:-

            Saniquila is a beneficial remedy in the cases of pain near the navel, undesired for excretion until lots of stool is collected in the rectum, scanty excretion in spite of much pressure or if stool comes, returns back suddenly, offensive excretion, broken stool in the anus, cracks of the skin near the genitalia organs, anus and around the navel and loose motions after taking food.

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

            The woman feels as if all the devices will come out from her anus and she gets relief by taking rest. The woman suffers from desires for giving support to the genitalia organs, uterus wounds, and leucorrhoea having offensive smell like fish oil or rotten cheese and sensation of vaginal enlargement. Giving Saniquila to the afflicted woman cures above symptoms quickly. 

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

            Saniquila is used in the cases of burning sensation of the soles, offensive sweating from the feet and sticky and cold sweating from all the parts of body. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Skin-related symptoms:-

            Saniquila is very useful remedy in the cases of dirty, oily and brown skin, skin wrinkles, skin boils and cracks in the hands and fingers.  

Back-related symptoms:-

            Saniquila is an effective in the case of pain in the sacrum joint which ameliorates by lying on the right side.   


            These symptoms are aggravated by moving the arms backwards.


            These symptoms are ameliorated by cold, removing sheet, taking rest and laying. 


            Saniquila (Aqua) can be compared with drugs like- Abrote, Sulphur, Alumi, Calca, Silicea and Saniquila.


            The patient should take 30th potency of Saniquila.