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          Sanguinaria is a very useful remedy for curing diseases which occur after amenorrhoea.

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Head-related symptoms:-

          Sanguinaria is an excellent remedy in the cases of intensive pain in the right side of the head due to sunshine and headache caused by vomiting which occurs at the same time regularly. This pain starts from the forehead and moved in the head to upwards and at last, it is stopped in the eyes especially in the right side. The pain ameliorates by taking rest or sleeping and restarts after the menstruations. The patient suffers from the sensation of eyes inflammation after every 7 days and pain in the rear of the head like lightening. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Face-related symptoms:-

          Sanguinaria should be used in the cases of facial redness due to anger, neuralgic pain which starts from the upper jaw and is moved around it, cheeks redness with burning sensation and feeling of fulfillment in between the jaws and ears with pain caused by touching. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Nose-related symptoms:-

         Sanguinaria is the great remedy in the cases of chronic catarrh with excessive, offensive and yellow discharge, nose abscess, cold and catarrh with loose motions, chronic rhinitis and dryness of the nose membrane with blocked blood.

Ear-related symptoms:-

          Sanguinaria is used in the cases of intensive burning sensation in the ears, ears’ pain with headache, echoes of strange sounds in the ears and any type of boil in the ears. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Throat-related symptoms:-

          Sanguinaria is a beneficial remedy in the cases of throat swelling especially in the right side, throat dryness with sensation of throat contraction, tongue whiteness with feeling as if the tongue has burnt and swelling in both the sides of glands of the throat.

Stomach-related symptoms:-

          Sanguinaria can be used in the cases of over thirst, retching with excessive salivation from the mouth, retching by looking at butter, desires for eating spicy things all the time, burning sensation of the stomach with vomiting, sensation of the stomach emptiness and feeling as if the stomach has pressed inwards and catarrh of the duodenum. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.    

Stomach-related symptoms:-

           Sanguinaria is very useful remedy in the cases of cold and catarrh, loose motions after curing cold and catarrh, sensation of liver pain, dilute and rapid loose motions like water and rectum cancer.

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

          Sanguinaria is an excellent remedy in the cases of leucorrhoea, offensive menorrhagia, uterus abscess, troubles due to breasts wounds, itching in the armpits before menstruations and diseases which occur after menstrual secretion.

Respiration-related symptoms:-

          Sanguinaria should be used in the cases of swelling in the larynx, intensive pain of the cervical tube, sensation of warmth and contraction in the back portion of the sternum, hoarseness, cough which starts from the stomach and ameliorates by belching, cough with chest inflammation and pain specially in the right side, cough which creates unconsciousness after influenza and whooping cough, cough due to cold each time, pain with burning sensation in the right side of the chest which is moved to the right shoulder, pain in the right nipple, blood coming with spitting due to amenorrhoea, dyspnea, feeling of chest contraction, chest inflammation as if hot steam is passing from the chest to the stomach, pneumonia which aggravates by lying down on the back, asthma caused by stomach diseases, lungs’ problems, phosphate coming with urination, meat consumption and loose motions due to stopping cold of the respiratory pipes suddenly. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

          Sanguinaria is the great remedy in the cases of arthritis of the right shoulder, joint of the left buttock and neck joints, soles inflammation, rheumatic pain in parts of the body where flesh is less, but not in the joints, burning sensation of the soles and toes and swelling in the nerves of the right side. The patient gets relief by touching the body parts. 

Skin-related symptoms:-

          Sanguinaria is used in the cases of small and red pimples of the skin especially in the spring season, itching and burning sensation of the skin which is aggravated by heat, facial acnes with little secretion, red and round spots of the zygomatic bone. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.


          These symptoms are aggravated by eating sweets, touching and in the right side.


          These symptoms are ameliorated by taking sour products, during sleep and in the darkness.


          Tarta-Ime is the supplementary medicine of Sanguinaria.


          Sanguinaria can be compared with drugs like- Justicia, Digitalis, Belladonna, Iris, Melilotus, Lachesis, Ferrum, Opi, etc. 


          The mother tincture of Sanguinaria should be taken for curing headache. 6th potency of Sanguinaria should be taken for curing arthritis.