Sanguinarea cannadensis



          Sanguinarea Cannadensis is an effective medicine in the symptoms of  intensive pain in the right shoulder and arms which is aggravated by laying down on the bed at night by that crop of; the patient is not able to lift his arm, pain in the portion of the body having less flesh, sensation of strain and warmth in the back portion of the chest bone, cough in day and at night, excessive weakness of the body, much trouble by noise and bright light, chest inflammation with sensation of the pressure on the chest just after feeling warmth inside the stomach and loose motions.

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Head-related symptoms:-

          Sanguinarea Cannadensis is a great remedy in the symptoms of vomiting with headache which starts from the rear of the head and moves to the right eyes through upper portion of the head.

Respiration-related symptoms:-

          Sanguinarea Cannadensis is used in the cases of wet cough with discharge of offensive phlegm, pain in the back portion of the chest bone, dyspnea and red spots on the cheeks which is mostly the symptoms of pneumonia. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 


          Giving 200th potency of Sanguinarea Cannadensis to the suffered patient provides complete relief.