Sambucus nigra



         Sambucus nigra acts better on the respiratory pipes. This is an effective medicine in the cases of dry cold of the children, phlegm discharge from the nose, swelling with dropsy and many prefixes with excessive sweating from the body.  

Useful in various symptoms:-

Respiratory-related symptoms:-

         Sambucus nigra is an excellent remedy in the cases of retching with sensation of pressure in the stomach and as if the chest has pressed down, irritation with adhesive phlegm of the larynx, cough as fits by that crop of, the patient suffers from suffocation too and it aggravates at midnight, dyspnea and chocked nose after dryness. When the mother suckles (feeds) her baby, the baby leaves to drink milk suddenly due to chocked nose and he suffers from difficulty while inhaling. The child gets up suddenly during sleep and often suffers from suffocation. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.    

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

         Sembukas nigra is a beneficial remedy in the cases of watery swelling in the feet and toes, bluish hands, feet coldness like ice and sweating from the body at night which creates weakness.

Fever-related symptoms:-

         Sambucus nigra should be used in the cases of dry warmth of the skin during sleep, sensation of the fear due to living alone, drenching the whole body with sweat while waking and intensive dry cough before the fever. The patient does not feel thirst too. This medicine cures above symptoms soon.

Skin-related symptoms:-

         Sambucus nigra is the great remedy in the cases of skin dryness during sleep, skin swelling with puffing and excessive sweating when the patient remains awake. 

Mind-related symptoms:-

         Sambucus nigra is used in the cases of severe irritation, seeming lot of statues by closing the eyes, sensation of fear suddenly and fits as dyspnea after fearing. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Stomach-related symptoms:-

         Sambucus nigra is very useful medicine in the cases of stomach pain with retching, flatulence and dilute loose motions like water many times in a day. 

Face-related symptoms:-

         Sambucus nigra can be used in the cases of spots with burning sensation on the cheeks and excessive sweating on the face caused by heat. It cures above symptoms completely.  

Urine-related symptoms:-

         Sambucus nigra is an excellent remedy in the cases of diabetes mellitus with skin dryness, frequent but scanty urination, intensive swelling of the kidney and filling water in the kidneys with vomiting

Anti-miasmatic medicines:-

         Arse and Camphor are used for removing all the bad effects of Sambucus nigra.


         These symptoms are aggravated by sitting on a place and after eating fruits.


         These symptoms are ameliorated by any type of movement.


         Sambucus nigra can be compared with drugs like- Ipecacuanha, Mephitis, Opi, Sambucus Canadensis, etc.


         Mother tincture or 6th potency of Sambucus nigra should be given to the patient. It cures the patient within few days.