Samadhi happens in the condition when thoughts of the mind become zero after meditation.


Samadhi is eighth part of yoga. When a person completes the practice of dharana and meditation, he becomes able of the practice of Samadhi. Any type of external thought should not be present in the mind for Samadhi and his mind should merge in the internal soul. Therefore, the practice of meditation has been described before the Samadhi.

        Samadhi happens in the condition when thoughts of the mind become zero after meditation. After meditation, the person’s thoughts raise some upwards than common life and he thinks only about the divine power of God. After taking entry in meditation, originating of such type of condition in the mind is called smadhi.

        In the condition of samadhi, the person merges his mind in his internal soul that any external activity is not done by him and the person merges in Samadhi while thinking God after entering. In real, the person’s thoughts become zero in the condition of getting dharana, which is done before Samadhi and he gets unconsciousness. The practice of Samadhi is done after getting success in the practice of dharana. In the practice of meditation, the person reaches in Samadhi condition after getting success in merging in God.

        A person merges in God with the help of Samadhi as iron merges in fire after burning. The person becomes happy in the condition of Samadhi and his body gets energy like sun. He forgets everything after merging in the Samadhi as who I am, and from where I came. He has not knowledge about any thing of the world. He has knowledge only about God after merging in the Samadhi. Nobody is small, big, rich or poor in the vision of such type of person and all the person are equal in his vision. The behavior of the person, who gets Samadhi, is different than other person, he looks God only in every person and only God is truth in his vision. 

Mean of samadhi-

        Kundilini is awakened by getting success in samadhi. This kundilini power is present in surya chakra near the navel in the body, which reaches in the brain by going through sushumna after awaking by yoga practice. All the chakras are awakened with kundilini power by samadhi. Samadhi is internal activity of the body. When internal machine of the body is perfect, the power of stability is gotten.

        There are many types of activities in the person’s body, which cannot be seen by us but they keep on doing their work properly. We complete all the internal and external activities of the body but we have no knowledge about them. For example, the food is digested by itself without person’s knowledge after taking. Many nerves and veins are present in the body, which do their works without person knowledge continuously. We circulate all these activities but we have no knowledge about that work. Sadhana has such power that person can stop their heart beats by the practice of yoga and he can subjugate digestive activity. Therefore, the work, which is done by us, has two conditions as knowledge condition and ignorance condition.

Knowledge condition-

        When the person has experience or knowledge of doing any work, it is called knowledge condition.


        In this condition, the person has no knowledge about the works, which are done by the body.

      There is also a third condition of doing the work by the body besides these both conditions, which is called egoism. This condition (egoism) is present in both the conditions in the person as he is in knowledge or ignorance condition. The mind always keeps on doing its work as in sleeping or awakening condition. It does not stop whether egoism is present or not. Merging in internal soul in the knowledge condition is called samadhi. Sleep is the common condition of the knowledge condition and Samadhi is the high condition of the knowledge.

        In the ignorance condition, the person sleeps by stopping all the activities of the body. He awakens after getting knowledge. After knowledge condition, when the person rises from samadhi, he rises with the complete egoism. Ignorance and want of any kind of the person finishes by awaking from the Samadhi and he merges in God after getting diving power. Viz. Samadhi is that condition of the life in which the person looks God by merging in the internal soul after keeping his mind separate from the external things.

        Existence of God is reasonable. A person cannot get God by the plea. Transcendental is across from the knowledge. Samadhi  is the achievement in the knowledge condition. Samadhi can be gotten by yoga. Scientists’ solutions are done to reach in the transcendental condition. Every person has ability to get transcendental knowledge.

        Those yogis, who had gotten highness by sadhna, were also common person like you and us. The benefits of knowledge are not gotten by reading books but the knowledge is achieved by doing tangible deed. Awakening of kundilini power is necessary to get knowledge about God. Yoga sadhna will be done to awaken the kundilini power and meditation also will be done after getting dharana and prtayahara. Concentrating externally or internally on one point in the mind of the body is called meditation. In the meditation condition, meditation power becomes so fast that the mind merges in the internal soul completely by forgetting external things. It is called samadhi.  

        When the mind concentrates on any thing by meditation activity, the mind should be concentrated on the micro and thereafter the mind should be concentrated on very micro thing. When the mind gets success in concentrating on shapeless and in the activity of meditation, it gets samadhi. The person, who merges in the samadhi, gets many types of divine light and divine power. 

What is samadhi?

        The Samadhi is the last stage of yoga. The person gets Samadhi at that time, when he starts to merge in the meditation and sadhna after doing all the yoga sadhana and he makes his mind able to merge in the soul by removing all the external thoughts then he gets Samadhi by merging in the soul during the meditation. The person, who gets samadhi, has no desire about five subjects as touching, juice (ras), fragrance, shape, word etc. He does not feel the desire of the hunger-thirst, cold-warmth, respect- insult and sad-pleasure.

Tadevarth matra nirbhasam swarupa shunyamiva samadhi-

        Viz. when the person reaches in such condition while doing the practice of meditation that he has no knowledge about himself and he stays on aim, this condition is called samadhi.

        When all the senses merge in the mind in the condition of samadhi, attachment of these senses ends from the subjects. On that time, all the persons are equal for sadhak. His nature is soft and equal for everyone.

Na gandh na rasam na cha sparsa na niswanam

Natmanam na parasyam cha yogi yukta samadhina

        Viz. when the person merges in samadhi, ras (juice), fragrance, beauty, word, touching etc. and these five subjects disappeared from his mind. Friends-foes, respect-disrespect etc. fears disappear from his mind too. 

Salile saindhavam yadhdatsamyam bhajati yogata

Tathatman sorkyam samadhirami dheeyate.

        Viz. it has been described about Samadhi in yoga that as the salt is changed into the water by melting in the water after abandoning its natural form in the same way keeping the mind separate from the external things the mind and soul are made one or single. This form of the meditation of the mind and soul is called samadhi. The soil meets with God by merging in the samadhi. This unity, which merges the soul and mind in God, is called samadhi.

        In yoga shastra, it has been called about the Samadhi that any weapon cannot cut or pierce to the person and any bird, animal or poisonous creature cannot finish person, who merges in samadhi. Any voodoo or any type of greed or urge cannot affect to that person who merges in samadhi.

        The person should do yama, niyma, asana, prayanama, pratyahara, dharana, meditation these seven deeds before going in samadhi. Samadhi should not be done before doing all these deeds.

        The Samadhi can be taken after doing meditation completely because the person tries to merge senses in the soul by removing from the external thoughts and he stays in the meditation condition until he merges his mind and senses in internal meditation. After getting success in this process, the meditation, which is done by the person, changes into samadhi. 

        When a person controls breathing activity completely and the mind becomes stabled and balanced, this condition is called Samadhi condition. The person feels existence of his life.

Dharana pabhchnari bhighyanim cha shati naribhi

Dindradash ken syatsa Samadhi prana sanyamata

Yatsarva drandrayoreksam jeevatma parmatmano

Samasta nashta sankalp samashi samishi yate

        Viz. stopping vitality air for five seconds is ‘Dharana”. Concentrating mind on any thing for 60 seconds is ‘Meditation’ (dhyan). Keeping breaths in control for 12 days continuously is smadhi. When the person merges in meditation by considering one to the creatures and God after destroying all the vows, this condition is called ‘Samadhi’.

Kinds of samadhi-

        Many kinds of Samadhi have been described in the different types of granthas and yoga shastra. Maharshi Pantajali as sampragyata Samadhi and asampragyata samadhi has described two kinds of the Samadhi in the yoga shastra. However, in Bhakti Sagar, three kinds of the Samadhi have been described.

Sampragyata samadhi-

        Yogi separates his mind from the external thoughts and things (worldly things) and he abandons desire of the mind by which the mind becomes stable and takes samadhi. It is called sampragyata samadhi.  

Asampragyata samadhi-

        The person has no knowledge in it. He merges on that thing on which his mind is present.  Besides that, his mind does not in any direction.

Sampragyata Samadhi has been divided into four parts-

1. Vitarkanugata samadhi- Merging the mind in the sun, moon, planate or Rama, Krishana and other statues or any bulky thing or natural five elements (panchmahabhoot) during the worship is called vitarakanugat samadhi.

2. Vicharanugata samadhi- After concentrating the mind on bulky substances, samadhi, which is through the means of small substance, small form, juice, fragrance, work etc. emotional thoughts, is called Vicharanugata Samadhi.

3. Aanandanugata samadhi- Thoughts become vacuum in this Samadhi and only feelings of the joy remain left.

4. Asmitanugata samadhi- Asmit (vanity) is called ego. The joy is also destroyed in this type of samadhi. Feelings of only aloneness remain left in it and all the emotions disappear. It is called vanity samadhi. Only ego remain left in it. Pantajali considered this smadhi as the highest samadhi.

         The description of three types of samadhihas been done in Bhakti Sagar as- Bhakti samadhi, Yoga samadhiand Knowledge samadhi.

Bhakti samadhi- By merging in the adoration of any deity-goddess, the person merges his mind in this samadhi. Such condition originates by its sadhna that the person is not able in seeing anything instead of God. He forgets himself in this condition of samadhi.

5. Yoga samadhi- In this samadhi, the person, who does the practice, carries the mind and meditation in sahastrakara (zero chakra) by piercing shatkarma chakras by the help of prayanama and asana of yoga. When the person abandons the capacity of meditating himself too while concentrating in the zero chakra, this condition is called Samadhi of the person.

6. Knowledge samadhi- The person concentrates his mind on single faith in this samadhi. According to him, nobody is present in the world besides God. The thing, which is present and happening in the world, is the form of God. Therefore, the person merges in God by abandoning the world.

Importance of merge-

        Eight parts of the yoga have been described in yoga sadhna in which last part is samadhi. After doing the sadhna of seven parts of the yoga, Samadhi can be gotten by making the mind able for merging. Samadhi is such condition in which the person can know about this illusory world after getting this condition. In ‘Geeta’, it has been described about God that there is no beginning, end, support and dependence of God. God is different, incorporeal and genuine from the world. God is different, shapeless and pure viz god has neither beginning nor ending nor they are present anywhere nor they are absent anywhere.

        He lives in the pure form, without shape and separate from the sad life of this world. The person, who gets knowledge about this quality of God, is knows everything. Therefore, the person merged in Samadhi knows about the end, support, free from worldliness, genuine dependence and shapeless viz. he knows about God.

        Niradhanta niralamba nishprapamanch niramayam

        Nirashraya nirakaram tatvam janati yogavati

        In other word, person merged in Samadhi knows about primary, support, dependence, away from worldliness, genuine and shapeless.

        Nothing is left for knowing about the world to the yogi who merges in this Samadhi ater getting knowledge about God. Lord Shree Krishna says in Geeta-

Sarvabhoot sthamatmanam sarvabhutani chatmini

Ekchate yogayuktatma sarvatra samdarshan

        That is to say, the person, who knows about yoga sadhna, considers that soul live in all the things. He gets knowledge about the realty of the world. After that, thoughts of considering equal to everyone start to originate in the person.

          The person merges in God forever by abandoning all the worldly things. He becomes equal to God. According to lord Shankaracharya,

Samahita ye pravilapya braham

Shrotradi cheta swayaham chidatmani

Ta ava mukta bhapashbandhe

Ninyem tu parokchkathamidhyamina

        In other words, the person, who takes Samadhi after merging the mind in the soul by removing ego from the mind after abandoning greed of the worldly things and gathering his senses, becomes free from the worldly relations. However, the person, who talks about only God knowledge and does not do any sadhna, is not able in getting salvation from these worldly relations.


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