Salt is poison too


Introduction :

         If there is excessive salt in any food substance, it is not good to eat because it becomes poisonous. The effect of salt affects the internal system, veins and nerves of the body. It makes the taste of the food bad.

Harmful :

  • A person suffers from kidneys and liver related problems due to salt. Its bad effect affects the soft parts of the stomach and intestines. Cancer, obesity, diabetes, catarrh, insomnia and other diseases occur by using excessive quantity of salt. It also increases the heartbeat and blood pressure. It causes acidity too.
  • Excessive quantity of salt increases thirst because it is not digested properly. Therefore, the body excludes the salt by dissolving it in water.

Knowledge :

         The body gets needed quantity of salt by the natural foodstuff (fruit, vegetable, sprouted and grain). The salt is mixed only in the cooked foodstuff because salt gets destroyed from the meal after cooking.

Precaution :

         Do not use salt in fruits, lettuce, sprouted, juice, curd and other natural foodstuff.