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[ S ] Related Medicines:

Sacred Fig

Salt (Namak*)

Sesame (Til*)

Sandal (Chandan*)

Small Fennel

Sugar-Cane (Eikh*)


Spogel Seeds

Shoe Flower


Saltree (Ashvkanik*)

Soap-Nut (Aritha*)

Sweet Almond

Star Anise

Sand (Balu*)

Sweet Clovese

Seeds Of White Goosefoot

Salix Tetrasperma

Smooth Leaved

Solanum Indicum

Shell (Kodi*) Cowry

Spermacoce Hispida

Spider Trap

Sword Fruit


Soya Bean

Silverfir (Talispatr*)

Shabby Basil


Sweet Ciceli

Seeds Of Indian Hemp

Scilla Indica

Scilla Indica

Seed Of Quince

Saussurea Obvallata

Small Wild Eggs Plant

Savage Almond

Savage Almond

Savage Almond

Silver (Chandi*)

Stone Flower

Spung Tree

Snake Gourd

Smooth Betel Nut

Sapodilla Plum

Spung Tree

Seeds Of Sugar Beet

Seeds Of Bladder Dock

Selsar Cardamom

Sugar Beet


Sweet Basil

Stereospermum Suaveolens

Sappon Wood

Sago (Sabudana*)

Soap (Sabun*)




Saussurea Obuallata

Sweet Merge Ouran

Species Of Dear Milk

Swine Milk

Small Dudhi And Big Dudhi

Solanum Indicum

Sulphur (Gandak*)

Scindapsus Officinalis Gajpipal*


Savage Carrot

Seed Of Savage Carrot

Sida Albo

Sugarcane Juice

Savage Wheat

Savage Cabbage

Sterculia Urens

Sayamopsis Tetragonolos

Sayoco Disitaca

Soil (Mitti*)

Staff Tree

Sweet Marjorana


Sweet Soda

Schrebera Swiete Nioides

Sansevienria Roxburghiana

Silk Cotton Tree

Smilax Zeylanica

Smilax Officinalis

Sweet Hermdactyl

Sunsunia Sak

Symbopogom Citratus

Siren (Harmal*)

Selaginella Species

Sweet Flag Root

Sisbania Aegyptiaca

Savage Garlic

Sweet Lemu

Sida Cardifolia

Sneeze Weed

Sumach (Raytung*)

Sensitive Plant

Soapnut Tree

Seed Of Wild Lettuce

Saltpetre (Kalmi Shora*)

Sweet Oleander

Sanseviera Zeylancia

Sachrum Munja

Somya Masala*

Saffron (Kesar*)

Sweet Melon

Spinach (Palak*)

Sacred Fig


Sprout Leaf Plant

Syrup And Majun

Sweet Potato

Satv (Johar*)

Spermacoce Hispida

It is very useful to cure many disease as like Mix sal ammonic and opium each in 14 gram. Fill this preparation into the teeth. Teeth worms will come out by its use.Useful in different Diseases:

1. Teeth worms:

  • Sometimes, there are holes in the teeth because of teeth worms.  Grind alum, rock salt with sal ammonic each in equal quantity and make fine powder. Rub this powder on the teeth twice a day. Its use ends all teeth problems.
  • Mix sal ammonic and opium each in 14 gram. Fill this preparation into the teeth. Teeth worms will come out by its use.

2. Sour Belching: Grind sal-ammoniac, 5 black peppers, 10 grams cardamom seeds and one gram Satepdina together. After that, take half grams mixture with water thrice a day, it provides relief in sour belching, indigestion, excessive thirst, stomach pain, feeling of vomiting and chest burning sensation.

3. Cough: Mix one pinch sal ammoniac with one cup of water and take thrice a day.

4. Old Headache: Fill 10 grams ground sal ammoniac in a bottle. Taking one spoon powder twice a day regularly for 10-12 days provides relief in old headache. One should take one spoon medicine before and after one hour to pain.

5. Testicles’ swelling and Pain:

  • Grind one-gram sal ammoniac with 50 grams wine and apply on the testicles. It decreases swelling.
  • Boil 10 grams ground sal-ammoniac with 400 ml water. Immerse a cloth piece in this water and foment the testicles. It cures testicles’ swelling and pain caused by gonorrhoea.

6. Toothache:

  • Cover a little sal-ammoniac (equal as great-millet seed) with cotton and press under affected teeth. It ends tooth pain.
  • Grind equal quantity of sal ammoniac, alum and rock salt together and prepare tooth powder. One should brush with this powder regularly and gargle with salt mixed warm water salt twice a day. It provides relief in toothache.
  • Cover sal ammoniac with cotton and press under affected teeth.
  • Mix sal ammoniac with camphor and make packet or poultice (Potli). Keeping this poultice under affected teeth ends jaws’ pain and destroys teeth worms.

7.  Asthma or Breathe:

  • Eating sal ammoniac with betel-leaf remedies different diseases of trachea.
  • Smoke sal ammoniac by keeping it in the hubble-bubble. Its use ends breathing problems.
  • Keep 10 grams ground sal ammoniac at the middle of the grid and thereafter keep 200 grams ground salt around this at the distance of 3-4 inches. Cover a big bowl on grid. Now heat it on low flame for one hour. After that, take one pinch this medicine with sugar-cake of loafsugar twice a day, it provides relief in asthma.

8. Flatulence Fever: Mix 3 grams sal ammoniac with 2 grams black pepper powder and give to patient.

9. Cataract: Grind sal ammoniac and prepare the fine powder. Apply it as collyrium in eyes with the help of a stick (Salai) at time of sleeping. Its use cures cataract.

10. Night blindness: Mix well 1-gram sal ammoniac and 3 grams pure vermillion (Sindur) altogether. Thereafter, mix honey in it and fill in a bottle. Apply it as collyrium in eyes. Its use cures night blindness.

11. Mouth taste: Grind 5 grams sal ammoniac with 5 grams black pepper and mix with honey. Rub it on tongue and allow the dirt and wastewater to fall on the earth. It removes mouth bitterness.

12. Gums’ Swelling: Grind equal quantity of sal ammoniac, sang Zarahat and alum together for preparing slender tooth powder. Brushing with this powder cures gums’ swelling.

13. Conception: Grind equal quantity of sal ammoniac and alum with water. Keep this mixture in vagina makes progeny to a woman.

14. Common cold: Grind equal quantity of sal ammoniac, camphor and lime then make powder and fill in bottle. Shake this bottle properly and open its cork. Smelling it is useful to get relief in head pain and common cold.

15. Hurt: Dissolve sal ammoniac and nitre with water. Immerse a bandage in this water and tie on affected part. Its use ends the pain produced due to hurt and sprain.

16. Sprain: Grind sal ammoniac and nitre each 10 grams and mix with 200 ml water. Immerse a bandage in this water and tie on affected part.

17. Tumour: Mix sal ammoniac with water. Immerse a bandage in this water and tie. It provides relief.

18. Plague: Grind sal ammoniac, madur flowers (Aak), pure Vatsnaag and five types salt altogether and then pestle with onion juice for three hours and prepare small tablets. One should take 1-1 tablet with fresh water twice a day regularly after meal. It provides relief.

19. Migraine:

  • Grind sal ammoniac and pierorhiza (Kutki) and mix with water. Apply this paste on forehead. Its use ends migraine.
  • Grind sal ammoniac, peels of big cardamom together, and prepare the fine powder. Smelling this powder cures migraine.
  • Grind 10 grams sal ammoniac with 10 grams turmeric and make the patient smell.
  • Taking 600 mg. to 1200 mg. sal ammoniac cures migraine.
  • Grind 10 grams sal ammoniac with one-gram camphor. Smelling one pinch powder cures toothache, migraine and head pain.

20. Nose bleeding: Smelling ground sal ammoniac prevents nose bleeding.

21.  Stomach pain:

  • Grind sal-ammoniac theekri, caraway, toasted asafoetida and dry ginger each 10 grams altogether and prepare the fine powder. Mix 10 grams sweet soda in this powder. After that, take 3 grams of this powder with warm water, it provides relief in stomach pain.
  • Grind sal ammoniac and borax each 4 grams with 2 grams aniseed and prepare the fine powder. Mix 4 grams sweet soda in this powder and take half to 2 grams thrice a day.
  • Mix sal ammoniac, borax, aloe veera, turmeric and alum with water and make paste. After that, apply this paste on the stomach, it provides relief in stomach pain.
  • Taking two grams sal ammoniac mixing with water is useful to get relief in stomach pain.

22. Breast diseases: Dissolve 8 grams sal ammoniac in 50 ml water and apply this mixture on breast. It melts breast tumours and ends swelling too. Note – tumors make in the breast when milk comes in the nipple on the first time because of which there is swelling and pain in the breast.

23. Syphilis: Dissolve sal ammoniac with water and immerse cloth. Keep this immersed cloth on affected part. It provides relief.

24. Hysteria:  Mix sal ammoniac and lime in equal quantity then fill in a bottle and cork it. Smelling this mixture provides relief in hysteria, headache and senselessness. Its use provides relief soon.

25.  Epilepsy:

  • Mix equal quantity of sal ammoniac with unquenched lime then fill in a bottle and close it. If one has been suffering from epilepsy fit, smell it for some time. Its use provides relief.
  • Mix 50 grams sal ammoniac with juice of one-kilogram banana’s leaves. Pouring this mixture in the nose provides relief in epilepsy fits.

26. For mouth numbness: Grind pyllitory root with sal ammoniac. Rub well this mixture in the mouth palate and tongue. Its use makes the mouth numb.

27. Head pain:

  • Grind sal ammoniac with powder of shell (seep) altogether and prepare powder. Smelling this powder ends headache.
  • Mix sal ammoniac with choa and make powder. One should keep one pinch powder inside nose and see towards sun. It creates sneezing and ends head pain.

28. Children diseases: Mix sal ammonic equal to two rice with milk and give to the child for drinking according to age.  Liver will not enlarge by its use.