Salix Tetrasperma



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Name in different languages:

Hindi               -           Bed-laila, Bhaens, Jalmala, Begas, Bent, Bedha, Bakshel, Magsher

Sanskrit          -           Varuna, Jal vetas, Naadey, Nikeatan

Marathi           -           Baalunj, Besi, Vitsa, Vocha, Dhani Dhanie

Bengali           -           Panijama, Boi shaki

Latin              -           Salix tetrasperma


        All the properties of salix tetrasperma are similar to goats sallow. The decoction of salix tetrasperma’s bark is bitter and antipyretic. The juice of its flowers is also similar to goats sallow. It ends the burning sensation and provides coolness but mostly the juice is not extracted from its flowers.