Salix nigra




             Salix nigra is an effective remedy for curing all the diseases of the genitalia organs of both the men and women. 

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Symptoms related to men diseases:-

            Salix nigra is the great remedy in the cases of ureter inflammation while urination, sometimes bleeding too from it, ureter pain, scanty urination, dilute or thick substance like metal coming with urine, swelling on the penis mouth, penis hardness and testicles pain. 

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

         Salix nigra should be used in the cases of ovary pain, dysmenorrhoea, and neuralgic pain during or before menstrual secretion, menorrhagia along with pain and excessive sexual excitement. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Face-related symptoms:-

            Salix nigra is an excellent remedy in the cases of facial swelling with facial redness especially on the nose extreme (tip), eyes redness with pain caused by touching and moving the eyes, pain in the hair roots and bleeding from the nose (epistaxis).

Back-related symptoms:-

            Salix nigra is used in the cases of inability to walk fast due to pain across the back and sacrum pain. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 


             Salix nigra can be compared with Cantharis and Yohimbi.


             The patient should take 2nd potency or 10 to 30 drops of the mother tincture of Salix nigra.