Saccharum officinale-sucrose



         According to the scholar, most of women diseases and children diseases are caused by taking sugar.

       Saccharum officinale-sucrose alleviates venom of the body and prevents diseases to aggravate. The solvent action of this medicine is on the Phibrin. It excites the secretions by fast and parasarni changes by that crop of, serum wound cures early. 

         Saccharum officinale-sucrose is considered as very useful for enhancing the strength of the heart muscles. It also makes heart muscles nutritive. This medicine is very useful for curing many diseases related to the blood vessels of the heart.   

     Saccharum officinale-sucrose is an excellent remedy in the cases of cornea opacity, eyesight weakness, anus itching, discharging of cold phlegm, maicordial degeneration, filing water in the feet and headache which appears after every 7 days. 


         Saccharum officinale-sucrose can be compared with Saccharum laictis.


         Giving 30th and higher potency of Saccharum officinale-sucrose to the suffered patient cures him within few days.