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        Sabina is used for curing several types of diseases. This medicine is considered as very useful for curing female problems. Sabina is an excellent and effective medicine in the cases of uterus problems, ovary diseases and disorders of menstruations

Useful in various symptoms:-

Mind-related symptoms:-

        The patient gets angry or scratches his hairs if he is compelled for hearing any types of music. Giving Sabina to the afflicted patient checks above symptoms.    

Head-related symptoms:-

        Sabina is the great remedy in the cases of intensive headache which starts suddenly and ameliorated itself after sometime, vertigo due to head roaming, headache caused by amenorrhoea, headache due to fast blood circulation towards the head and face, pain with strain of the facial muscles and toothache while chewing anything.

Stomach-related symptoms:-

        Sabina should be used in the cases of mouth bitterness, sensation of heart inflammation, desire to eat sour products all the time and cutting pain from inside the stomach to across the back. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Stomach-related symptoms:-

        Sabina is a beneficial remedy in the cases of pain due to contraction of the portion below the navel, stomach pain which mostly felt downwards and any types of puffiness in the womb due to gas troubles

Rectum-related symptoms:-

        Sabina is used in the cases of constipation, feeling of rectum fulfillment, and pain from the back to the thighs bone and profuse bleeding from the bloody piles. It provides complete relief from above symptoms. 

Urine-related symptoms:-

        Sabina is an excellent remedy in the cases of feeling of trembling and inflammation in the kidneys, fast urination with hematuria, and burning sensation of the ureter with the feeling of warmth in the entire body and urethra swelling.

Symptoms related to men diseases:-

        Sabina is a very useful medicine in the cases of gonorrhoea with secretion caused by burning sensation of the genitalia organs, growth of flesh due to spermathorrhoea, and pain with burning sensation in the front part of the penis, pain of the penis skin with difficulty in the opening and excessive sexual excitement

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

        Sabina should be used in the cases of early menstruations with menorrhagia, uterus pain which is moved to the thighs, feeling of abortion, excessive sexual excitement, scratched skin caused by leucorrhoea after menstrual secretion, bleeding during menses with the increment of sexual excitement, profuse menstrual flow in those women who suffer from early abortion, burning sensation in the uterus and ovary glands after abortion, pain from the sacrum to the thighs bone, pain like gun shoot downwards to upward via vagina and uterus atoni. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Back-related symptoms:-

        Sabina can be used in the cases of pain from the sacrum to the middle of one thigh bone to another bone and back pain like paralysis. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Skin-related symptoms:-

        Sabina is the great remedy in the cases of intensive itching on the skin, skin inflammation, anjiri warts on the skin, skin warts and black holes of the skin. 

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

        Sabina is a beneficial remedy in the cases of crushing pain in the front portion of the thighs, pain like gun shoot in the heels and feet bones, pain along with burning sensation in the joints, arthritis which is aggravated in a hot room and joints tumours. 


        Thuja is a supplementary medicine of Sabina.  

Anti-miasmatic medicines:-

        Pulsatilla is used for removing all the bad effects of Sabina.


        These symptoms are aggravated by any type of movement, in a hot room, by hot air, after delivery, by hearing music and inhaling deeply.


        These symptoms are ameliorated by cold air, fresh air, in cold weather and by exhaling. millefolium


        Sabina can be compared with drugs like- Calcarea-carbonica, Millefolium, Crock, Sikel, Trillium, etc. 


        The patient should take mother tincture or 3rd to 30th potency of Sabina.