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            Sabadilla is considered as the most useful remedy for ending small worms of the stomach, tape worms and other types of worms. This medicine is also used for curing several types of diseases caused by worms. It is also used for ending stomach worms of the children. 

Useful in various symptoms:-

Mind-related symptoms:-

            The patient feels fear all the time and startles while sitting. The woman (patient) thinks about strange thoughts all the time and feels herself as a patient. The woman feels that she is pregnant and suffering from cancer. The patient screams and cries loudly while relapsing fever. Giving Sabadilla to the afflicted patient according to the symptoms of her disease cures the patient within few days.

Head-relate symptoms:-

            Sabadilla is an excellent remedy in the cases of glaucoma, vertigo with seeming as if all the things are roaming, headache caused by any type of smell, headache and sleeplessness due to thinking about anything, redness of the eyelids along with burning sensation, dripping tears from the eyes all the time and inability to hear properly.  

Nose-relate symptoms:-

            Sabadilla should be used in the cases of frequent sneezing caused by cold and catarrh, excessive discharge from the nose, eyes’ redness along with intensive pain of the forehead, watery eyes and excessive discharge from the nose like water. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Throat-related symptoms:-

            Sabadilla is the great remedy in the cases of intensive pain in the throat that starts from the left side, discharging excessive and solid phlegm from the throat which is ameliorated by taking hot food or hot beverages, feeling of throat dryness, intensive burning of the throat which is aggravated by cold air and feeling as if the tongue has burnt.

Stomach-related symptoms:-

            Sabadilla can be used in the cases of dry cough, dyspnea with intensive pain in the stomach, retching due to watching spicy food, watery mouth, excessive salivation from the mouth, sweetish taste of the mouth and sensation of excessive coldness and emptiness inside the stomach. The patient does not feel thirst too. His hunger does not calm even after having a lot of sweets and the products made with flour. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.    

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

            Sabadilla is a beneficial remedy in the cases of cracked skin of the lower section of the toes and burning sensation under the nails of them. 

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

            Sabadilla is used in the cases of delayed menstrual excretion, blood accumulation in the uterus and blood deficiency. It cures above symptoms.  

Fever-relate symptoms:-

            In the case of fever, first of all, coldness goes on moving in the body from bottom to top and the warmth of head and face is increased. The patient suffers from excessive coldness of the hands and feet and dripping water from the eyes during fever. The patient does not feel thirst during fever too. Sabadilla is very useful medicine for curing above symptoms. 


            These symptoms are aggravated by coldness, before noon, in between 10 or 12 o’clock in day or at night, during rest, by taking cold beverages and fragrance of flowers or other things.


            These symptoms are ameliorated by any types of movement, swallowing, by heat and eating hot food.


            Sepia is a supplementary medicine of Sabadilla.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:-

            Drugs like- Conium, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Sulphur, etc. are used for removing all the bad effects of Sabadilla.


            Sabadilla can be compared with drugs like- Veretrina, Lanolin, Colchicum, Nux, Arundon, Polatin phliyam, Pretens-Timothi, Cumarenum, etc.


            The patient should take 3rd to 30th potency of Sabadilla.