Ruta acts much on the asthi-vest especially when pain and troubles occur due to injury in the bone.  This drug is also used in Arnica patients. The symptoms of these patients are as follows – he feels pain as crushed bones after falling that causes lameness, whole the body feels pain. But difference between Arnica and Ruta is that Ruta patient feels pain as crushed in the various bones of those parts of his body on which he lies down. Ruta is also used in those patients who are not able to sit for longer in the same posture and wants to change his posture again and again.

           If a piece of glass has entered in the patient's stomach, in this case, he starts suffering from violent abdominal pain and the patient is unable to tolerate any kind of touch. The patient groans by the friction of bed sheet. Thus Ruta should be used to cure such symptoms. It helps in coming out glass pieces from the stomach. If the uterus comes out after moving from its place due to lifting (carry) heavy object, Ruta should be also used in this condition.

Use of Ruta drug in various symptoms: -

Wrist-related symptoms:-

          Wrist is painful with insensitiveness of it. Wrist pain increases in cold and damp (moist) weather. Feeling some relief after moving it. Thus, Ruta should be used to cure the symptoms of the patient suffering from this type of symptoms.

Eyes-related symptoms:-

         Use of Ruta is beneficial to cure diseases caused by over study, fine needle work, too much emphasis in the eyes, etc. This medicine is also used if a person feels tired eyes, pain in the eyes or burning sensation as if fireball is burning, feels pressure due to excess emphasis in the eyes, eyesight is reduced, infection due to eyes glasses, etc.

Anus-related symptoms:-

          Use of Ruta is beneficial to cure many types of diseases related to the anus.