Rules of Asana



              To get too much benefit from any type of asana, a person should have the knowledge about the rules before starting asana, during asana and after asana because the person, who practices asana with rules, gets great benefit.

Rules of Asana:

  • The place should be calm, clean, airy and alone for the practice of asana. Practice of asana is good in park, green ground with trees and plants.
  • We can practice of any asana in his room, but the room should be airy, neat and clean. There should be no offensive smell and particle dust and dirt in the room. Clean, airy and calm environment of the house is needful for the practice of asana in the house.
  • Practice of asana should be done on the floor by spreading a mat, bed sheet or blanket. Hard and soft bed is not the right choice for the practice of bed.
  • Practice of asanas before sunrise is very beneficial because this time is the best time for the asanas because the air, which blows before sunrise, is considered as the purest air and this time is the time of the arrival of deities too. If someone is not able in doing asana before sunrise, he should do the practice of asana within an hour after sunrise. 
  • Wash hands and face after evacuation in the morning and after that do the practice of asana on empty stomach.
  • Taking bath before the practice of asana is useful but you can take bath after an hour of the practice of asana because taking bathe just after the practice of asana is harmful.
  • Don’t involve in the practice of any type of asana till 5 hours of taking meals. Here it means to say that a person should start asana after five hour of taking meals.
  • The person should wear loose, comfortable and neat and clean clothes for the practice of asana.  
  • Women should not involve in the practice of any asana for 3-4 days after starting the menstrual excretion. Women should not do the practice of asana in last three months of pregnancy and they should start the practice asana after three months of delivery in the supervision of any specialist yoga guru.
  • Breath should always be inhaled through nose during the practice of asana.
  • The person should not have outer problems in his mind he should remain far from tensions and mental depression during the practice of asana. He should try to be happy and calm at this time.
  • The person should do the practice of asana according to age and physical capacity. Weak and younger persons should not involve in hard asanas.
  • Practice of asana should not be completed hurriedly due to the lack of time. 
  • The mind should be alert and conscious at this time. He should remain far from external problems and tensions.
  • The person should do the activity of breathing (inhaling and exhaling) after the practice of asana.
  • Any thing should not be taken and drunk after half an hour of practice of asana.
  • Take advice from any yoga guru before the practice of any asana. It would be far better if the practice of any asana is done in the supervision of any guru.