Rosa damaskana



Introduction -

         Rosa Damaskana is used in the initial stage of hay fever and when Eustachian tube obsessed (suffered from disease). This type of disease is recovered soon by the use of it.

Use of Rosa Damaskana drug in various symptoms-

Easr-related symptoms: - We should use Rosa damaskana to cure the symptoms of the patients if his hearing power is reduced and feels pain in the ears, material like pus begins to flow from the ears, etc.

Relations: -

  • 6th to 30th potency of Flium pretence timauthi (drug) should be used in hay fever, asthma with fever, itching sensation in the eyes and nose. Rosa damaskana should be also used for the same purposes. 
  • We can compare some properties of Naphtha, Sepia, Euphrasia, Sabadilla, etc. drugs with Rosa damaskana.


         Lower potency of Rosa Damaskana should be used to cure the symptoms of diseases.