Roch Anethum



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Name in different languages:

English        :        Roch Anethum

Hindi           :        Poona ka Pittpaapara, Patthar Suva Seri, Dantrisa

Sanskrit       :        Pithaari, Renu

Marathi        :        Fattarasuva, Pittapaapra

Gujarati        :        Davanapar

Latin            :        Glossocadia Linearifolia


       Roch Anethum's taste is bitter and pungent and smells is like Indian-dill fruit (soya). It causes sweating. It removes phlegm and ends fever. It astringes uterus, and starts menstrual excretion on right time. Its all other characteristics are like Common Fumitory and two flowered Indian madder. Its effect affects the uterus than the liver so it is more useful for women than men.