Robinia is used to cure symptoms caused by indigestion like- flatulence, thin (watery) stools, sour belch, nauseate, burning sensation in the chest, pain in the head (headache), etc. This drug is mostly used to fix sour belches.

        This is very useful drug to cure infantile cholera. It is also used in the cases of diseases in which the patients are able to digest food grain easily, but vetsar material is not digested quickly.

          This drug is used widely to cure symptoms related to excessive acidity and pakashay. With such symptoms, the patient feels headache and excess belch too.

Use of Robinia drug in various symptoms:- 

Head-related symptoms:- Sometimes the patient feels slightly pain in his head, vibration in the head, pain in the forehead. These types of symptoms are aggravated if the patient moves and study. To cure such symptoms of the patient, using Robinia is beneficial. We should also use Robinia to cure headache with stomach-related diseases, vomiting, etc.

Stomach-related symptoms:- Sometimes the patient feels slow or fast pain in his stomach, nauseate with sour belches, vomiting of digestible acidic materials, stomach and intestine begin to thrive much, stomach thrives with pain, feels sour belches, comes out sour smell (foul) from stools, etc. if a person has any symptoms of this type, using Robinia is beneficial to cure such symptoms.

Gynecology-related symptoms:- If a person feels excessive sexual desires, smelly discharge with menses and secretion is flammable, bleeding while menstruations, vaginal pain with wounds, itching sensation, etc., to cure the symptoms of the patient suffering from such gynecology-related symptoms, we should use Robinia.

Symptoms related to vomiting:- If a person suffers from fast green vomiting with stomachache, flatulence, severe pain in the stomach at night, constipation, fast desire for excretion, etc., using Robinia is beneficial to cure such symptoms of the patient.


        If a person is not able to digest food properly or digest partially, to cure his symptoms, we should give drugs like- Magni-pho, Argentum-nitricum, Orexin Tanet, etc. at an interval of 14-14 hours. At a result of it, these diseases are cured. Robinia is also used to cure same symptoms. So we can compare some properties of these drugs with Robinia.

Dosage: -

        3rd potency of Robinia should be used to cure the symptoms of diseases. This drug can be used prolonged (for a long time).