River bath



        Bathing in Ganga, Yamuna and other rivers by swimming is beneficial. If a person takes bath by this technique, his body gets strength, power and energy. Technique of this bath is like the technique of normal bath.

Technique of river bath-

         In the technique of river bath with swimming, rub to the body by cold water properly and wash head and face with the river water. After that, go into the river water and take bath by rubbing the body properly. Thereafter, the person should swim for sometime. Keep one thing in the brain that the patient should swim in the river according to his capacity so that he may feel no tiredness after coming out from the river and there is freshness and energy in the body. This bath should be taken for about 20 minutes. If a person swims in the water for long time than 20 minutes, it may be harmful. After taking bath, dry the body by the dry friction bath and cloth. There is a technique of exercise too which has been made to do after swimming and taking bath in the river in which the patient gets much benefit comparison to taking bath and swimming.   


        This bath is also beneficial for all the people and all people can do it. A weak person also can get benefits by this bath. Keep one thing in the brain that weak person should not do take river bath for long time.

Benefits by swimming in the river-

        The nervous system is purified by taking this bath. A person gets facial glow, energy and strange power in the body after this bath. Physical health and strength sustain in the body by this bath. There are many benefits of river bath especially if a person takes bath in the Ganga River, many diseases as acidity, chronic fever, tuberculosis, asthma, leprosy and other skin diseases vanish themselves. A person, who takes this bath, gets long life and his physical health, strength and face shine remain present until death.

Benefits of Ganga river bath and its description-

        The person, who takes swimming bath in the Ganga River, gets different benefits. Ganga water is very beneficial and several disease vanish themselves by it. The person, who takes bath in the Ganga River, remains healthy and diseases free. The body becomes fresh and energetic by it. According to Indian religious shastra, if an effort to interpret Ganga water is written with some description, a new ‘Ganga Purana’ can be written.

        In Indian culture and civilization, Ganga is considered as Holy River. This river contains different types of qualities, so the people of other countries of the world with Indian come for taking bath in this river. All the people (who come to take bath in this river) have accepted the strange power and impact of Gangajal.

        It has been proved after scientists’ researches that a person gets rid of many diseases as cholera, plague, malaria, tuberculosis by taking bath in Ganga river water. For this test of curing power of Gangajal, Dr. Hakins came in India as an representative of British government. He mixed cholera viruses in the gangajal for the examination.

All the viruses of cholera died within six hours and when those viruses have been kept in the normal water, they start to multiply. In this way, it has been found that Gangajal is considered brahmadrav and nectar in Indian Hindu religion.

If gangajal is not considered unique, all know this fact that himalaya is the source of medicines and the river Ganga comes through from that region and hilly areas of Himalaya mountain. Minerals, herbs, salts etc. come along with Gangajal. That is why gangajal has the capacity for the treatment of many diseases.

        There is also a specialty of Gangajal that it never decay. Gangajal has no type of offensive smell, so people keep this water in their houses. In Indian Hindu religion, if this Gangajal is drunk by any person in the condition of death, this person gets heaven, it is considered in Hindu religion. This water is used in all types of holy works in India. The liquid, which is given in the form of charanaamrit, is the water of Gangajal and if a person takes it, his inner soul is purified.