Right choice for shoes and sandals



         Often, people see the look of shoes or sandal or cost of them when they go to market for purchasing shoes or sandals.  They do not try to find out the quality of the shoes or sandals or whether shoes or sandals are comfortable in walking or not. Purchase shoes and sandal carefully. Shoes and sandals should be bought at noon because a little swelling comes on the feet because of walking till this time. Shoes and sandals should be bought at this time and put on both shoes and sandal before buying them. The reason behind this is that, both feet are never same in size. Buy only those pairs of shoes or sandals which are comfortable for your feet. Small shoes can be put on by fitting pads in them.      

      Stand and walk for some distance by putting on shoes or sandal before buying them. There should be a centimeter gap between big toes and shoes. No tightness should be present on the heels after wearing shoes. This is the reason that there is lack of balance in walking if shoes are high heeled because most of burden of the body comes on the upper portion. This situation is harmful for muscles and bones. Several kinds of troubles occur in the feet of women because of the pressure on the toes of feet. Identification of disease and its treatment is very essential to stop the origin of troubles.