Ricta palmoneria



          Ricta Palmoneria is very useful to cure acute catarrh. Large amounts of liquid like water is blowing from the patient’s nose and there is dry crust formed inside the nose after stopping blow which is difficult to extract, the patient feels itching sensation because of which, he goes on cleaning his nose again and again, but nothing comes out after cleaning the nose. Thus to cure symptoms of this type, Ricta palmoneria should be used.

Use of Ricta Palmoneria drug in various symptoms:-

Symptoms associated with the Head and nose:-

          Feeling heaviness in the root of the nose and head and at the same time, the patient feels headache and pressure in the head, blowing fluids like water, when nasal secretion is stopped, dry crust is formed inside the nose, desires for cleaning the nose again and again, feels cough also at night and it is so fast that he can neither lie down nor sleep, he is forced to remain seated, the kids have suffered from dry cough in the condition of small pox etc., thus to cure this type of symptoms associated with the head and nose, Ricta palmoneria should be used.

Symptoms associated with measles or small pox:-

          The patient feels rapid cough after measles or small pox and with it, he feels sleepless at night, suffers from dry cough that becomes loose later, etc. Thus to cure such symptoms of the patient, Ricta palmoneria should be used.

Tuberculosis-related symptoms:-

       The patient suffering from tuberculosis has cough continuously. Thus to cure the symptoms of the patient suffering from such types of symptoms, using Ricta palmoneria is very effective.

Symptoms associated with Hay fever:-

          If the patient suffering from hay fever has pain in his forehead and in the upper part of his head, the nose gets blocked (closed) suddenly, feels sneezing continuously, etc., by using this drug, disease begins to recover soon.

Symptoms related to gout:-

          If burning sensation is occurring (happening, going on) in the knee and gout that occurs suddenly with burning sensation too and disease is chronic, pain is as sharp as it becomes unbearable, the patient starts crying and screaming, feels nervousness etc., Ricta palmoneria should be used to cure such types of symptoms.


          We can compare some properties of Lycopodium, Kalibicrom, Aconite, Camphor, Nux-vomica, Ammono-carb, Sambux, etc. with Ricta palmoneria.