There are many kinds of thin rice as camod, pankhali, panchsal, aamrmor, rajbhog, jeerasar, kalisar, ratisar, bersal, walksal, rajawal, hansraj, basmati, elaychi, pr12, pr13 and sabarmati.Introduction:

       Grinding paddy in the mortar or machines its hush is separated from the paddy. Paddy without husk is called rice. The people of all over world are used rice regularly as meals because it is cool in nature and nutritive. Mostly, it is cropped in the rainy season. 

       There are many kinds of thin rice as camod, pankhali, panchsal, aamrmor, rajbhog, jeerasar, kalisar, ratisar, bersal, walksal, rajawal, hansraj, basmati, elaychi, pr12, pr13 and sabarmati. Jaya and pant-4 are kind of fat rice.  

According to Ayurvedha:

       The sathi rice which is prepared within 60 days is very nutritive. It cures sprue, dysentery and anorexia. It is digestible and makes the body strength. It does not generate gas trouble.

       The rice which is separated from the husk by the mortar is better than the polished rice which is separated by the machine. Such type of rice is better and nutritive.

        The rice contains very low quantity of fat, so it is light in digestive. Therefore, the cooked rice and pulse of green gram is very useful for children and sick persons. Mixing pulse with rice decreases gas quality of rice and increases nutritive elements in it. Mixed heap (khichri of rice) is prepared by mixing the pulse of green gram, pigeon pea and gram with rice. The mixed heap is more nutritive than the boiled rice. Cook separately rice and pulse and take it after mixing them. It digests easily and is very tasty too than the mixed heap. Some people separate mand (boiled rice water) from the rice while cooking, it is not good. Boiled rice water is very cool and nutritive.

       The rice is sweet and pungent in taste; cool in nature, smooth and small. It enhances the body strength and sperm count. It ends bile disorders and kills stomach worms. It cures hoarseness and spermatorrhoea, and helps in stool clearly. It is also useful to increase appetite and urine quantity. It is also helpful to clear the voice.

Sathi rice:

        Sathi rice is sweet and cool in nature. It ends bile disorders, constipation, especially tridosa (Vatta, Pitta, and kapha) and eliminates gas too.

           Maheri is prepared by cooking small pieces of rice with whey. It is very useful for the small children and sick persons. Chapatti, thick bread and other dishes are prepared from rice flour. Taking rice with milk increases body strength, sexual power and helps to clear the stomach too. Puffed rice is cool in nature, dry and light. It increases digestive power, urine quantity and body strength. It is useful to prevent vomiting and loose motion and end bile disorders, inflammation, blood disorders, spermatorrhoea and quenches thirst too.  

Color: Rice is white and red.

Taste: It is vapid.

Structure: Rice is a type of grain which is very famous. It is found in all over India. There are several kinds of rice.

Nature: The nature of rice is cool.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of rice causes tumors.

Note: The persons who suffer from kidney stones and urinary bladder should not take rice because it is harmful element for them.

Bad effects removal: Sugar, milk and ghee remove the bad effects of rice.

Compare: It can be compared with barley.


Rice quenches thirst and increases sperm count. It makes body fresh and strong. It is useful to prevent dysentery, griping, amoebic dysentery, bloody amoebic dysentery and bloody loose motions. It ends the disorders of the kidney and urinary. Grind rice and apply it on the face, it ends spots of the face. Taking paddy of rice is harmful.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Liver: Take a pinch of raw rice with water before sunrise; it makes the liver strong.

2. Syphilis: Its nature is cool. The body gets coolness by taking rice regularly in the summer season or if someone suffers from warmth in the stomach. 

3. Dysentery and bloody leucorrhoea: Taking one glass of rice water (wash the rice with water) with sugar candy prevents dysentery and blood leucorrhoea.

4. Loose motions:

  • Rice starch is very useful to prevent loose motions. Give half cup of boiled rice water to the children and one cup to young persons after every half hour. It is useful to prevent loose motions. Rice starch can be given in little quantity to the children. Boiled rice water becomes tasty, nutritive and digestible by mixing salt in it. Taking boiled rice water after mixing with salt is useful to prevent loose motions. This boiled rice water should not be kept more than 6 hours.
  • Mix rock with boiled rice and take it with whey or curd. It is useful to prevent diarrhea.
  • Mix 2 spoons rice starch with 1 cup of water and give it to the patient after every one hour regularly. It provides relief in loose motions.
  • Taking cooked rice or boiled rice water with curd is useful to prevent loose motions.

5. Easy method of preparing rice starch: Grind 100 grams rice as flour and boil it with one liter water. Filter this mixture after boiling properly and mix salt (According to taste) in it. Giving half cup from this preparation to the children and one cup to the young persons after every one hour regularly prevents loose motions. This preparation can be given in little quantity to children. It is very useful to prevent loose motions.

6. Cholesterol and blood pressure: Taking rice for long time reduces cholesterol and normalizes blood pressure.

7. Ulcer: The ulcer bursts by tying the poultice of ground rice after mixing with mustard oil on the ulcer. It also brings out pus from ulcer.

8. Constipation: Mix one part rice and 2 parts mixed heap with ghee. Constipation is eliminated by taking this mixture.

9. Vomiting while pregnancy: Soak 50 grams rice in 250 ml water and mix 5 grams coriander in it for half hour. After 10 minutes, crush this mixture and filter it. Prepare 4 doses from this mixture and give it to the patient 4 times in a day. Vomiting of pregnancy is stopped quickly by using this process.

10. Intoxication of cannabis indica: Taking rice water is useful to remove the intoxication of cannabis indica.

11. Anuria-dysuria and retention of urine: Taking half glass of boiled rice water after mixing with sugar is useful to end anuria-dysuria and retention of urine.

12. Face shadow (Pimples):

  • Soak white rice in water and wash the face with this water. It removes the facial freckles and blackness of the face.
  • Prepare a paste by mixing rice flour with water and mix 1 pinch sandal powder, 1 pinch turmeric powder and 2 spoons rosewater in it. Put this preparation in sun light for half hour and rub it on the face before make-up. After half hour, wash face with lukewarm water and apply cosmetics substances on the face. By using this process, a new glow will appear on the face.

13. Small pox fever: Applying rice water (wash the rice with water) on soles pimples is useful to provide relief in burning sensation.

14. Vomiting:

  • Soak rice in water for 4 hours. Crush rice in this water and filter it. Mix some coriander in this preparation and give it to the patient, it prevents vomiting. It is very useful to check vomiting of pregnancy.
  • Mix 3 spoons juice of Bengal quince with rice water (wash the rice with water) and give it to the patient, it stops vomiting.

15. Over eating:

  • Prepare Indian sweet dish (kheer) by cooking white rice and white lotus seeds with goat milk. Over eating is cured by taking this sweet dish.  
  • Prepare Indian sweet dish (kheer) by cooking 100 grams white rice with 500 ml milk of she camel. Taking this preparation with ghee is useful to cure over eating within 12 days.

16. Hiccups: Soak parched rice in water for 10 minutes and grind to prepare sauce. Mix black salt and black pepper in this sauce thereafter give it to the patient, it prevents hiccups.

17. Diarrhoea of pregnant lady: Giving powder of parched rice (sattu) to the pregnant woman with a decoction of mango or black berry bark is useful to prevent diarrhoea and sprue.

18. Sprue: Taking 2-3 grams rice twice a day is useful to prevent sprue- dysentery.

19. Bloody diarrhoea:

  • Grind 20 grams sandal with rice water (wash the rice with water) and take it with sugar candy and honey. It is useful to prevent bloody diarrhoea.
  • Soak 50 grams rice in 250 ml water for 2 hours thereafter mix sugar candy in this water. Taking this mixture is useful to prevent bloody diarrhoea.  

20. Amoebic dysentery: Mix curd in boiled rice and mix toasted cumin seeds and rock salt according to taste in it. The patient of amoebic dysentery gets relief by taking this preparation.

21. Liver disorders: Taking 1 pinch of rice before sunrise and after cleaning the mouth makes the liver strong.

22. White leucorrhoea:

  • Soak half cup rice in 1 cup of water. Toast 100 grams green gram on the grid and prepare the powder from it after grinding. This powder should be filled in bottles. Taking 1 spoon this powder with 1 cup rice water regularly cures white leucorrhoea.
  • Grind the root of Indian cotton plant with rice water and give it to the patient, it cures white leucorrhoea. 
  • The patient who suffers from white leucorrhoea should take 25 ml rice water, 1 spoon honey and 1 gram resin with honey twice a day. It is useful to cure white leucorrhoea.

23. Acidity: Rice, kidney bean pulse, luffa, ribbed lufa, trichosanthes dioica and citrullus vulgaris (tinda) are useful to eliminate acidity. Taking light edibles is useful. Green coriander should be used necessarily.

24. Excessive thirst:

  • Drink cold boiled rice water of red rice after mixing with honey; it quenches excessive thirst.
  • Take 14-28 milligrams water of boiled rice powder 2-3 times a day; it quenches excessive thirst.

25. Bilious fever: Soak rice and date-palm in water and take 0.24 grams   zinc ash with this water.  Its use cures bilious fever.

26. Bloody leucorrhoea or metrorrhoea:

  • Wash 50 grams rice from clean water and soak it in 100 ml water for 4 hours. Crush rice with water and give it to the patient to drink. Using this process is useful to cure metrorrhoea.
  • Taking 5 grams ochre with rice water cures blood leucorrhoea or metrorrhoea.

27. Obesity (Fatness): Taking lukewarm water of rice for some days regularly is useful to reduce obesity.

28. Inflammation of the body: Grind sandal with rice water to make a mixture. Taking 20 grams of this mixture with sugar candy and honey is beneficial to reduce body inflammation.

29. Burn from fire:

  • Grind raw rice (Arba rice) and 2 folds black sesame than rice with cold water. Coating this mixture on the affected part for 3 days regularly ends inflammation and pain quick. Keep attention that the affected part should not be washed for three days. The scab will remove by itself when the patient gets relief.
  • Make the ash by burning peels of paddy and churn it with ghee. Applying this mixture on the affected part is useful to cure wound caused by burning.

30. Scrofula: Mix ground root of pudding pipe tree with rice water (ash the rice with water) and give it to the patient, it cures scrofula.

31. Different types of diseases of the children: Grind the flowers of Indian kino tree to make fine and mix it with rice water to prepare tablets. Giving these tablets to the children is useful to cure children diseases.