Rhus glabra




        It has been said about the drug Rhus Glabra that the intestines become as clean as stops passing foul smell after taking it and foul smell does not come out from stool too. It is a very advantageous drug to fix wounds.

         It is also used to cure many other types of symptoms, which are as follows- bleeding from the nose, pain in the rear of the forehead, smelly air coming from the anus, dreaming of flying in the air, the body becomes more weak causes profuse sweating, wounds inside the mouth, blisters in the mouths of the sucking children, wounds in any part of the body, etc.

Use of Rhus Glabra drug in various symptoms:-

Mouth-related symptoms: - In this case, blisters and wounds appear inside the mouth of those women who feed their babies with her milk. Thus, to cure the patient suffering from this type of mouth-related symptoms, we should use Rhus glabra.

Anus-related symptoms: - Use of Rhus glabra is very beneficial to cure the symptoms of the patient if he gives out smelly air from the anus due to constipation.

Dosage: -

        The mother tincture of Rhus glabra is used to cure the symptoms of diseases. It is used as paste in the symptoms like- soft spongy gum, wounds inside the mouth, throat swelling, etc. Its first potency is mostly used.