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[ R ] Related homeopathic drugs:


          Rhodium acts especially on the neuralgic and rudansheel diseases (in which the patient goes on crying all the time). It is beneficial to cure a person who feels cold and catarrh in which liquid flows from his nose in excess amount and lips becomes dry. Rhodium should be also used to cure a person who feels numbness (stiff) of the neck, pain from the left shoulder and left arm to downward joints, itching sensation in the arms, palms and face, soften stools with cramps, headache, eyes pain, violent neuralgic pain of the ears and nose, scratchful cough, sound like fizz, thick phlegm in the chest, dizziness with fatigue and weakness, wring (cramp) after discharge (excretion), urination in large volume, enlargement of purahsarangati, etc. 

Dosage: -

           200th potency of Rhodium drug should be used to fix (cure) the symptoms of diseases.