When any type of burning starts taking place in the internal section of the nose, it is called hay-fever or rhinitis. This disease creates more troubles to those who has allergy from dust, grass and trees.


Rhinitis occurs when burning starts taking place in the internal section of the nose due to any type of substances present in pollen grains. The substances that create burning sensation are called allergy (allergic substances). When such substances generate burning sensation again and again, the body resistance power against diseases is become active and starts generating antibody. This antibody is attached with cells named mast found inside the nose. These cells secrete few particular types of chemical having chemical name histamine too. Only due to these chemicals, hay-fever is occurred.


When thinnest (fine, tiny) blood vessels of the nose are expanded, the secretion of mucus is increased as a result of it the nose is closed; itching starts taking place inside the nose. Well, the aggravation of this disease becomes too fast. When pollen grains enter inside the nose, the symptoms of this disease start appearing within to 5 to 15 minute. The patient starts feeling trouble from bright light. Pain starts occurring in his head and itching sensation starts taking place in the breathing tube.

Treatment of rhinitis by acupressure treatment system-

This disease can be treated by giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure. The patient must take his treatment in the guidance of an expert acupressure doctor, because he has proper experiences to give pressure and he can able to treat this disease well. In addition to in, if the patient has allergy from dust, soil or smoke, he should avoid them.