Rheumatism is a type of disease in which a sufferer feels violent pain in his bones’ joints and muscles. Due to exposing to cold, pain becomes too violent in this disease. It can be both normal and serious. If this disease is not treated on time or soon, the sufferer can die too. This disease affects body muscles too much. It occurs mostly in middle aged people. Few such conditions are also found in this disease related to waist and neck pain and known as muscular rheumatism.

There are following types of rheumatism-

        Rapid (violent) rheumatism, gout, joints inflammation, chronic rheumatism, etc.

Symptoms of rheumatism-

        Fever occurs in the person suffered from rapid (violent) rheumatism and rheumatic fever; his heartbeats remain irregular (disturbed) and he feels lack of strength i.e. weakness. In this disease, the sufferer feels pain in his joints and muscles. When this disease is aggravated, red and blue swelling come in his legs. Many times, he feels pain also in his neck and waist. Heaviness and stiffness persists in his joints. He feels pain and difficulty in sitting and standing.     


        Depression, worry, wetting in water, gonorrhea, involving too much in sexual intercourse with women, eating dry cold eatables, too much spicy food and Chinese food, awaking at night, working hard, fear, etc. are the different causes of this disease.

Treatment of rheumatism through magneto therapy-

        When a person is suffered from rheumatism, he/she should use a powerful magnet on the soles daily in the morning and evening in the initial stage of this disease as well as he/she should drink magnetized water 4-5 times a day as a dose of medicine. If the condition of rheumatic fever has occurred, North Pole water should be given 3-4 times a day to the patient for drinking. If he/she is suffering from common rheumatism, using red oil and fomentation in the presence of sunlight is very effective for him/her. Using magnet on the acupuncture points found on the body is also very beneficial.