Rheumatic pain



           Constipation and too much constipation can be the cause of rheumatic pain. Acidity becomes too much in the blood because of dietetic errors. The blood becomes impure and an obstruction starts to take birth in the blood pipes because body organs fold on the joints. The blood runs slowly because of too much acidity. In this situation, the blood circulates slowly on the joints. The veins which supply bodily disorders towards heart start to get affected. The bodily disorders start to gather on these joints and gather there too.  

           When disorders gather on the joints, the pain starts on the joints. In the beginning, the patient pays no attention by considering it bearable and tries to get rid of this pain by taking medicines. He pays no attention on this pain that occurs ever. He keeps on eating like before because of which the blood starts to impure again and bodily disorders starts to gather on the joints again.


  • The patient should take hip bath, cold sitz bath and sometimes Epsom salt bath to purify blood and body from inside. In addition to, massage should be done regularly. Blood pipes become clean and blood circulate properly after massage.  
  • Massage on the pain affected joints provides relief to the patient. Give compression on the each side of the pain affected joint towards the heart. Moving to the joint, exercise of the joints, beating, crushing, rubbing, beating with fingers, pounding and vibration should be used while massaging of the patient. If the patient is massaged with red oil in sunlight, it proves very beneficial.  
  • One thing should be remembered at the time of massage that the patient should not feel to much pain. If the patient feels problem at the time of massage, massage should be done slowly. Leave to the patient in sunlight for sometime after massage and start other treatment. Alternate fomentation before massage is very beneficial because the patient does not feel too much pain and gets relief soon.     
  • Fasting is very beneficial in this disease but lemon juice mixed water should be drunk necessarily during fast. Mix lemon juice and two spoons honey in water and give to the patient to drink. After some days of fasting, give vegetable juice to the patient to drink. After that give steam boiled vegetable, breads made of unfiltered flour, milk, fruits and salad.
  • Spinach and its juice should not be given to the patient in this disease because it contains eggjolic acid which is very harmful for the patient. Green vegetables should not be taken on large scale. Garlic works like a medicine in this disease. Garlic should be used while cooking vegetable. If orange and tomato are not sour, the patient can take them too. The patient should not take any other kind of sourness except lemon and lemon should be used in cooked vegetable only for taste.