Using Rheum is advantageous in watery stools of children while dentition. In the period of dentitions, the whole body of the children and his stools give sour smell; it is used to fix the symptoms of diseases. In this condition, child’s body does not left sour smell even after bathing them several times. 

         This medicine is used widely to cure the children suffering from acidic-diarrhea. It is also used to cure several types of symptoms occurring while dentition.

Use of Rheum drug in various symptoms:-

Mood (mind)-related symptoms:- The patient feels much fear and craves for a variety of things and goes on crying. Thus, we should use Rheum to cure such symptoms of children.

Sleep-related symptoms:- If children are not able to sleep at night and make skip and jump, cry, shout, etc., to cure such symptoms, using Rheum is beneficial.

Head-related symptoms:- Using Rheum is very useful to cure symptoms of the patient, if he feels sweating under the hair of the head continuously in a large amount, cold sweat on the face especially around the mouth, nose, etc.

Mouth-related symptoms:- Sometimes the mouth of the patient begins to secrete high amounts of red secretion. He feels coldness in the teeth. Feels toothache with many other problems; if the child suffers from such symptoms, he becomes irritable nature. His breath smells sour. Thus, using Rheum is appropriate to cure the symptoms of the patient suffering from such mouth-related symptoms.

Eyes-related symptoms:- Rheum should be used to cure the symptoms of the patient if he feels blurriness, dreams excess, shivering while excretion, etc.

Stomach-related symptoms:- Sometimes the patient asks for food of various types, but bored soon by this food. He feels vibration in the inner parts of the stomach. Feels full of the stomach, thus to cure the symptoms of the patient suffering from such symptoms, application of Rheum is appropriate.

Stool-related symptoms:- The patient suffering from stool-related symptoms feels more desire for urination before excretion, but does not urinate. Sour smell comes from his stools; stool is sticky and feels shivering, shrinking and burning sensation in the anus. Suffering from diarrhea while dentition and his stools have sour smell, pain in the stomach, he has to apply much pressure for excretion, but wastes do not come out properly. If a person has any symptoms of this type, using Rheum drug is beneficial.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body: - If a person is suffering from the sense of effervescence, as if small bubbles are appearing (up) in the muscles and joints, feeling as if something is cooking with bubbles. The patient feels as if the part of his body has slept when he sleeps by pressing that part, part of the body asleep on which burden falls, feels weakness, heaviness in all over the body, we find as if the patient has awakened from deep sleep by someone, feel as if mental consciousness has arrived, but the body is still asleep, cold sweating from his body, sweat comes additionally on the face, palms, etc., thus we should use Rheum to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Symptoms associated with the children:- In this condition, children suffer from cholera. He feels thin, frothy stools like water with pain around the navel like saw-cutting, abdominal pain and diarrhea while dentitions, frothy and greasy stools with giving sour smell, cramping in the stomach, begins to cry during sour foul excretion or vomiting with feeling pain in the stomach, having no patience and craves lots of things for eating, but he rejects them even his favorite things, he throws them after sometime, etc. If a person has any symptoms of this type, using Rheum is beneficial.


         Symptoms of diseases are aggravated at night, during dentition, uncovering any part of the body, in the condition of diarrhea, while eating, in the hot weather, after taking meal, by moving, etc.


         Symptoms of diseases are ameliorated by heat, covering by cloth.


  • We can compare some properties of drugs like- Hepar, Podophyllum, Chammo, Ipecacuanha, Magni-pho, etc. with Rheum.
  • Magni-carb is the complement of Rheum in the condition of indigestion of milk and the sour smell of children’s body.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:- 

         Chammo and Camphora are used to remove the harmful effects of Rheum.


         Calca-ca, Belladonna,  Rhus-ta, Pulsatilla and Sulph. 


         Third and sixth potency of Rheum should be used to cure the symptoms of diseases.