Retching and vomiting of a pregnant woman


Introduction :  

         Symptoms of vomiting and retching are produced in women during pregnancy. Such kinds of symptoms appear in the month of 4th or 5th month during pregnancy. 

Treatment of this disease according to naturopathy:

  • The woman should adopt enema with lukewarm water after the evacuation of stool in the morning regularly. The stomach becomes clean (cleansed) by doing so.
  • The pregnant woman should drink one glass lemon juice mixed water in the morning after waking up. A little rock salt should also be mixed in the glass of water.
  • Filter lime water and give to the pregnant woman to drink. Its use provides a lot of relief. Vomiting stops by this medicine and the woman does not feel retching.
  • Dry sprouted wheat in sunlight and grind them. Prepare bread with this flour and give to the pregnant woman. Vomiting stops by its use.
  • Grind the seed of raisin and give to the pregnant woman to eat. The woman gets rid of vomiting and retching.
  • A woman, who has been suffering from this disease, should take parched of barley to get rid of vomiting and retching.
  • The woman should take juice of fruits and vegetables on a large scale.
  • If the disease does not disappear, the pregnant woman should adopt enema. Mud pack should be applied on her abdomen (below the naval). The disease is cured soon by doing treatment according to naturopathy.