Restrain or self-control in sex



Patience or self-control is very important in human life. A man does nothing properly in the lack of patience. Patience is very necessary for man to do any work because a deed done with patience is good.  A man can do nothing well if there is a lack of patience. As patience is necessary for every deed as patience is essential for successful sexual intercourse. Self-control becomes very important during sexual intercourse because sexual relation between husband and wife relates their mental and physical pleasure. Thus, a man should have patience during sexual intercourse.  

A man who makes sexual relation with another’s wife establishes sexual relation hurriedly and without patience.  People, who go out of home for sexual satisfaction, want to end their sexual desire soon. In this case, often, such people end their sexual urge but they do not get real joy and great sexual pleasure through sexual intercourse hat is gained through sexual intercourse. On the contrary, when a man makes sexual relation with his wife in a room, he shows no hurriedness during sexual intercourse. Therefore, a man should not establish sexual relation with his wife hurriedly because sexual relation in hurry is not called successful sexual intercourse at any rate.   

There may be a bad impact on the mind of a woman if her husband establishes sexual intercourse with her hurriedly. Several men do not believe in the sexual intercourse with the activities of fore play. Such men should try to have patience during sexual intercourse and besides it; they should adopt the activities of fore play.  

How a man should behave with wife during sexual intercourse or how he should establish sexual relation with his wife:-

1.     A man should remain happy and energetic at the time of sexual intercourse. He should not have any kind of tension and anxiety in his mind during sexual intercourse. Sexologists say that grief, dejection and anxiety in the mind of a man are harmful mentally and physically. They say that if a man makes sexual relation in the mood of depression and anxiety, he does not get satisfaction. Here it means to say that he is satisfied neither mentally nor physically. He does not gain the real joy that is gained through successful sexual intercourse. Sexologists say that a man and a woman should make sexual relation when semen of man and menstruation is pure by nature because if sexual relation is made in the presence of impure semen or menstruation, it proves very harmful. Sexual relation during illness is very harmful too. If a man with impure semen makes sexual relation to a woman with impure menstruation, an ill and unhealthy child will take birth.     

2.     A man should establish sexual relation with wife only when there is full natural erection and hardness in the penis. He should also be aware about this fact whether his wife is mentally or physically healthy or not. People, who make sexual relation in the lack of excitement, ejaculate cool semen. Cool semen becomes the cause of several diseases in a man as spermatorrhoea, anuria dysuria and impotence. In the same way, a man suffers from depression and irritation if he suppresses his sexual urge. Such kind of man wants nothing to do. Hence, suppression of sexual urge in the condition of sexual excitement is harmful for a man mentally and physically.     

3.     A man should not make sexual relation with other women to get sexual satisfaction because by doing so, he destroys semen and strength on one hand and there is a doubt of several diseases on the other. Besides it, semen and strength of a man enhance if sexual relation is made with a beautiful woman whereas sexual relation with prostitute or harlot destroys strength, semen, intellectu and age of a man. Therefore, a man should not make sexual relation with prostitute in place of his wife because such relationship destroys money, time and intellect along with physical and mental loss. 

4.     Men become sexually excited sooner than women. In this case, a man should not make sexual relation hurriedly. If a man makes sexual relation due to excessive sexual excitement whereas woman is not aroused for sexual intercourse, he becomes the victim of early ejaculation and his wife remains dissatisfied. This kind of sexual intercourse is called incomplete sexual intercourse because both man and woman do not get sexual pleasure that is gained through successful sexual intercourse. Hence, a woman should be aroused to get sexual by the man. If both man and woman ejaculate at one time, they get great sexual pleasure physically and mentally.   

5.     A man should never drink cold water after sexual intercourse. Washing the penis or taking bath with cold water after coition is very harmful because temperature of the body at the time of sexual intercourse is high than the normal temperature of the body. If cold water is used for washing penis or taking bath, the temperature of the body will reduce suddenly which can be the cause of catarrh and cough. Washing the penis with cold water after coition may be harmful for the nerves of the penis and flabbiness can appear in the penis due to this reason. A man can become the victim of fever, catarrh and headache if cold water is drunk. Besides it, a man never should come out of the house after coition if cold wind is blowing. Do not use cold water just after sexual intercourse at any rate. If it is necessary to use cold water, a man can use cold water after 20-30 minutes of sexual intercourse. Temperature of the body and heart beatings becomes normal within 20-30 minutes. Drinking water is not harmful after this period mentioned above.   

6.     Sexual relation should be made naturally and normally. One should not adopt such techniques, which are harmful for both husband and wife. Sexual intercourse with hard and difficult sexual technique is harmful for woman mentally and physically. Sexual intercourse with normal and easy technique is called successful sexual intercourse. Both man and woman get great sexual pleasure if sexual relation is made in this way. Here it is clear that adopt normal technique for sexual intercourse.

7.     There should be a balance in the time of two sexual intercourses. Avoid too much sexual intercourse. Temperature of the body is very much in winter season and a person digest heavy and nutritive meal easily. Therefore, we should take nutritive and aphrodisiac food substances. In this season, a man should drink sugar candy mixed boiled milk after coition because this milk ends the exhaustion of the body and increases semen as well. If date palms are boiled in milk, it will be more beneficial. Season of winter is very good for taking aphrodisiac. If one follows above mentioned rule, both man and woman will get real sexual pleasure.     

8.     Sexual intercourse should not be established before 21 years by a man because it is harmful both mentally and physically. Excessive sexual intercourse, masturbation in adolescence and other kinds of unnatural coition destroy strength, memory and virile. If a girl makes sexual relation in early adulthood, her genitals get harm. If she becomes pregnant, she will beget weak and unhealthy child.   

9.     A man who lives in good surrounding and take nutritive food, he can establish sexual relation in the age of 70-80 too. He has full capacity to produce children.

10.      If a man has got married in the age of 40-45 and he has a lack of sexual power, he should take aphrodisiac to enhance sexual power.

11.      A man should not make sexual relation during illness, menstruation and after six months of pregnancy. A man who makes sexual relation in these stages, he becomes ill mentally and physically along with his wife. Semen should not be destroyed through coition.  

Here it is clear on the base of above mentioned sex related problems that one should follow precautions. Married life becomes pleasurable if both husband and wife pass their life patiently. A man, who keeps on making balance in his life, gets real sexual pleasure through sexual intercourse. Sexual relation makes life energetic.  A couple gets rid of several problems if both husband and wife live with patience. A man, who makes sexual relation hurriedly, does not pass his life properly. Above-mentioned things should be followed by married couples for happy married life and for great sexual pleasure. Joy of married life will be increased many folds if a couples follows such rules during married life.


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