Rest means taking relaxation after ending any type of physical or mental work. It is not a hidden fact that a person wants to take rest after working the whole day. Rest means not to have only physical relaxation, but the body gets complete (full) relaxation only when physical rest connects with mental rest. But, when a person takes rest, at this time too, he ignores his mental condition and remains inovolved in working with his brain. While lying down too, tension persists in our mind, but it is not rest. If we have to see real stage of rest, we should watch a child during the sleep and then we find that we should also take rest in the same manner. By trying only for few days, we can become habitual of taking rest by making our body relax. According to naturopathy, it is called creative relaxation. It is an important means of space therapy.           

Difference between rest and laziness-

        In the case of either sick or healthy, it is necessary to know that both rest and laziness are not same even after necessity of rest. After working hard, getting lost energy again is called rest, but if we do not take rest after working hard, it increases inactiveness of our body and mind; it is called laziness but not rest. A lazy person has no desire to do work and relax person always ready to do work. Such person is involved in doing work again with new energy and power after taking rest.

        Most of the people believe that sleeping at night after working hard from morning to evening in factories, shops, etc. is called rest. But, it is absolutely wrong. As we known that rest and laziness are two different things, considering sleep as rest is also a blunder. Sleeping is the nature of humans. Rest is needed only after doing work, but sleep is needed in both the conditions. Taking sleep is a type of bath whether someone do hard work or not that gives freshness and activeness to his body. Both sleep and rest are the means to get lost energy of the body.  

Why rest is necessary?

        Rest is as much necessary for our body as food is for appetite. If a person works hard continuously without taking rest, it is fact that his body will be tired after few hours and he is not able to survive for long time. Even the engine of rail becomes out of order if we do not give it periodic gap. All the living creatures like- plants, trees, animals, birds, etc. wants to take rest after working whole day. This world will also take rest one day in its destruction period.

        The most important organ of our body i.e. the heart beats 100000 times in 24 hours and pumps about 5000 gallons of blood through 12000 mile long blood vessels. But this type of important and tough tasks, the heart does not do without taking rest and can not do too. The gap between loop and dup is the time, the heart takes rest. Only by it, the heart gains as much energy as remains active and keeps human alive. Therefore which is true for heart about rest is also true for other organs of the body. Rest is a medicine that ends tiredness and provides lost energy again.

Treatment of diseases through rest-

        If human is learnt about taking rest after knowing its importance, the number of patients decreased today. Due to only neuralgic weakness, diseases like- indigestion, constipation, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, impotency, insanity, etc. are occurred. This weakness is generated by losing additional neuralgic energy. If we want to remain free from diseases, we should avoid tension and take proper rest according to its rules. The time given for rest should be considered as energy stock of future and it is not a hidden fact that a person works mentally understands the importance of rest than a person works physically. Many people are those who destroy his health by working much day and night. Human does not as much pressurized by working as pressurized by his troubles.  

        Working hard and taking proper rest are also a type of art about which the human should have full knowledge. While working many people starts smoking, consuming tobacco or taking tea, coffee, etc. to eliminate tiredness. To avoid tiredness while working, we can keep our body elements in proper condition by walking, moving, sitting, standing, etc. means. We should avoid habits like- walking with bending his head, standing on one leg, putting one leg on other while sitting, etc. that are responsible for obstruction in body unbalance and tired of the body. Thinking about anything while lying down on the bed is a bad habit, because it causes lack of sleep. While walking in fresh air in the morning, by thinking about anything, the body is not able to get benefits of it. In such condition or other condition of taking rest too, becoming blood circulation fast is natural when our mind remains involved in different thoughts. It is not rest for our body, but also a type of labor.    

        When a person becomes sick, his body wants rest. Therefore we should get maximum vital force (power) by taking rest and use this power to keep the body healthy. When a person is suffering from any acute disease, he does not need as much rest as need in chronic disease. In chronic stage of disease, if the patient does not take proper rest, his disease become more chronic and it takes long time to cure. Thus, drug for chronic disease is equal to taking proper rest.


        If any patient wants to become free from his disease, the most important thing is to be taken proper rest physically and mentally. The biggest disease can be also cured by taking only proper rest. The people who always remain worry, afraid and irritate about their diseases, can not become free from diseases.

        Most of the people do not know that all the diseases of the world are related to tiredness. Every organs of the body remain flexible until the nervous systems work well that indicates the proper functioning of those organs. But when poisonous (morbid) substance is accumulated in these organs, they become tough and obstruction is generated in the nervous system that indicates about any disease in those organs. Thus, flexibility of these organs is called life and toughness of it is called death.       

        If toughness came in any organ of the body, it must have swelling and then fever will come with pain in it. In the case of swelling, if blood circulation takes place properly, poisonous accumulated blood of that part is eliminated slowly by taking rest and relaxation. The toughness of any organ represents the tiredness of that organ. This type of tiredness can be either mental or physical like- the eyebrows of an irritate person remain always straight that causes tiredness in the eyes muscles. It results eyes weakness and sometimes a person can become blind too.   

        Many people are healthy, but when they do not take complete rest, become sick by their selves after few days. It is a natural law. In the case of any disease, the patient has no desire for doing any work or become unable to do work, because our body wants to take only rest in this condition but not anything.

The easiest ways of taking rest:-

  • The people who work hard for whole year should go to any hill station for few days after giving a break to the work.
  • After working for the whole day, a person should lie down on the mat or bed for taking rest and make his body loose completely. All the matters should be removed from the mind and remain lying down in this position with closing both the eyes up to 10-15 minutes, but careful that the eyes should be closed only but not sleep.  
  • After completion of work, ones should play any game of his choice or should walk or read a book or something of your choice.
  • We should take one day leave in a week after working for 6 days and should go to any beautiful place.  


A famous doctor has told the ways for self relaxation of all the muscles of our body-

        First of all, lie down with the back on the bed as straight completely then contract the right hand muscles slowly and try to feel this contraction until it eliminated and the muscles relaxed completely. In this way, we should give relaxation to the muscles of the left hand, right leg, left leg, etc. This type of relaxation is called normal relaxation.

        With making other body organs active, we can give relaxation to anyone organ too, like- a person can sit by making his spinal cord as straight along with keeping other organs as relaxed completely too. This type of relaxation is called local relaxation. 

A doctor writes about rest by loosing body nerves-

        First of all, lie down on the back then place small soft pillows under head, neck, knees and also under the back for giving support to our arms. Allow the arms suppressing in the pillow for relaxation then feel that they are becoming heavy slowly and when the fingers tips feel something pricking, relaxation of the arms has completed. In this way, try to lose other organs of the body too like- chest, back, legs, etc. it is performing up to half an hour daily until become success. It eliminates tiredness and makes health in sound condition. After this practice, it can be performed again when it requires like- while driving, typing, etc. It ends tiredness of the body and working capacity is increased much.