Requirements during fasting


Air (oxygen) :

        For eliminating internal wastes of the body during fasting, taking extra oxygen is very beneficial.

Bathing and cleanliness :

        During fast, internal wastes of the body are gathered in skin pores, mouth, nose, ears, reproductive organs, etc. therefore, daily bath and cleanliness are very important. Tongue and teeth should be cleaned many times in a day.

Clothes :

        Wearing always light and cotton clothes during fast is very comfortable.

Exercise :

        As much exercise should be taken as the body can tolerate it. Light exercise like walking is the best.

Enema :

        For internal cleanliness of the body, enema is the best mean (way).

Affects on mind :

        During fast, the performer should not allow any type of worry, anger, fear, hopeless and problems in his mind.

Sunlight :

        During fast, taking sunbath in the morning for 15 to 20 minutes is most necessary.

Silence (mum) :

        At the time of fasting, a performer should keep mum as much as possible.

Resting :

        During fast, giving rest to the mind and body is very beneficial.

Dry massage :

        Dry massaging is very useful during fast.

Precaution :

        It is restricted in few diseases like- diabetes, T.B., etc.