Reproductive System


        A system is found in human and all the animals for reproduction, known as reproductive system. High class animals and human reproduce through a special type of organs. In reproduction, different types of internal and external organs play their own role. These organs are called reproductive organs. The reproductive organs are vary in male and female, which are as follow-

Male reproductive organs-

  • Two testes.
  • 2 epididymis.
  • 2 vas deferens or ductus deferens.
  • 1 penis.
  • 2 Cowper’s glands.
  • Spermatic cords.
  • Prostate gland.
  • Ejaculatory ducts.
  • 2 seminal vesicles.

Female reproductive organs-

  • Two ovaries.
  • Two uterine tubes.
  • Uterus.
  • Clitoris.
  • Labia.
  • Vagina.

        With the help of these organs said above, male and female involve in reproduction. Reproductive systems of male and female are as follow-

Male reproductive system-

        In male, testes are considered as the important reproductive organs for reproduction and only these produce spermatozoa. When the spermatozoa fuse (fertilize) with ovum, a combined cell forms, known as zygote which is later grown into embryo. The testes found in male are egg shaped and present in scrotum. The sperm and spermatozoa produced by these testes are carried by two tubes, known as spermatic cords. Sperm (semen) remains hold (gathered) in ampulla until ejaculated (discharged). The last part of spermatic cords is called ejaculatory ducts and these are connected with ampulla and urethra. A gland remains connected with the urethra, called prostate gland. It secretes a type of fluid like water, which is the part of semen. The length of the urethra is equal to the length of whole penis. The fluid produced in the ampulla is called semen. In the total semen ejaculated once, there are about 200 lacks spermatozoa and only one among these spermatozoa is used in the uterus for fertilization.     

        The spermatozoa present in semen have a head, neck and a tail. Hereditary matters remain filled in its head and its tail keeps a spermatozoon as moving.

        The top of the penis is known as glans penis. The opening of the urethra is found here through which urine comes out. The whole penis remains covered with a soft skin, known as foreskin.

        When male and female involve in sexual intercourse, the semen is entered inside the female reproductive organ and the spermatozoa are grown inside the uterus. 

Female reproductive system-

        One pair of ovaries is found in female reproductive organs for reproduction. The weight of these ovaries is about 5 gram and located in gonika. These ovaries produce cells or ovum. Inside ovaries, few follicles are found and are matured in young age of female in 28 days. An ovum is found inside the follicles, which grow in ovaries and comes our after bursting the matured follicles. After that, eggs (ovum) are carried inside a tube, called fallopian tube. Here, eggs (ovum) are being fertilized. The process of maturation of eggs and separation of them from follicles are known as ovulation. When follicles are burst, a yellow body forms, known as corpus luteum. It is remain stable during fertilization otherwise it is destroyed after contracting and a round spot is appeared on that place. In this way, when a woman is conceived, menstruation is stopped as well as ovaries are also become inactive. After fertilization, ovum starts developing in an embryo and reached inside the uterus passing through downward of fallopian tubes.

        The length of vaginal tube in female is about 8-10 cm. during sexual intercourse, semen is collected in this tube from where it is entered in the uterus and the woman is become pregnant.