After marriage, it is not necessary that both husband and wife may pass their married life happily. Sometimes, both have to separate from each other due to unfavorable conditions. There may be many causes behind this reason. It is not essential that only husband takes divorce his wife but his wife also get rid of her husband. Sometimes, remarriage proves very good for both husband and wife if there are many disturbances in married life.   

Mostly, men take the decision of divorce. There can be several causes of this decision. Some such causes are as sterility, doubt on the character, wife’s illegal relationship. In all the cases, only woman faces troubles whether man is the main cause of the trouble. When a woman becomes aware about the faults of a man, she tries her best to compromise with all the conditions. A man gets full support of his family in all the problems.     

Sometimes, a man has to remarriage again if his wife is not able to beget a child. Sometimes, it is compulsion for a man and sometimes he remarries according to his will. 

Sometimes, a man is told wrong complains and suspicious things by his second wife and her children against his first wife. In such situations, a man should take the decision of divorce after deep contemplation. He should not beat his children and second wife if first wife complains against them. Besides it, he should not scold his first wife if second wife complains. In this condition, he should take decision patiently. He should behave lovingly and happily with his first wife and second wife along with her children. He should try to persuade his both wives rationally.

There is a popular proverb that no son has taken birth after Shravan kumar. We accept that filial devotion like Sharavan Kumar is not present in this age. However, none can deny with this fact that there are many good and able sons in this world.  Several families are happy due to good and able sons. Many good deeds are being doing in our society. All such kinds of good deeds are being performed by good sons.

There is a mentality in our society that only children help their parents in needs and old age if GOD has endowed. Because of this mentality, remarriage becomes compulsory. If a man has no child, good treatment of both husband and wife becomes essential first. Mostly, men do not pay attention towards their treatment. They want to make remarry because remarriage provides them two benefits. First benefit is getting children and second benefit is getting new young bride. If it is not so, all the men should try to avoid second marriage.       

A husband of two wives faces great of problems. It has been observed easily in the society and historical stories. If one man remarries to get children or son, he should be got good treatment be a qualified doctor. Good treatment fulfills their dreams of children necessarily. Often, it has been observed that men avoid from treatment. They think that only their wives have a need of treatment. They think that their wives have been suffering from leucorrhoea and disturbed menstruation. He does not think that there can be a disease in him too.    

If second marriage becomes must, good and mutual understanding between husband and wife can bring peace and pleasure for the family. Rare person has such kind of intellectuality. Mostly opposite side of the coin comes before us. Both wives should be kept happy by the husband because it is the duty of a husband. He should give love and affection to his first wife. He should persuade his first wife that second wife is her younger sister.    

The same things should be persuaded to the second wife. The husband should persuade his second wife that first wife is her elder sister. If disputes arise between first and second wife, the husband should try to keep them separately. The husband should give equal love, affection and time both his wives. He should try to avoid both the conditions in which first wife thinks that her husband loves second wife very much and second wife thinks that her husband loves more to his first wife.

Some men think that if wife is bitter spoken, stubborn, rebellious and characterless, second marriage becomes necessary. A man should not take decision alone in this situation. A man, who wants to remarry, can be wrong or it can be that he has a lack of foresightedness. Both husband and wife should take the decision of separation lovingly and with a reverence. Both should find another life partner because it will be better for both.