Relaxation is very important part of Hath-Yoga. Making the mind and body as relax is called ‘Relaxation’. It cures many diseases as well as human being becomes very strong and active. 

Ways of Combine relaxation-

           There are 2 Asanas used for combine relaxation- Shava Asana and Prandharan Asanas.

Shava Asanas-

          In this Asanas, the person’s body looks like a dead body. Thus, this Asanas is called Shava Asanas. A person, who performs Asanas daily, must do this Asanas for getting relief after ending any type of Asanas.

Way of performing Shava Asanas-

        First of all, we should lie on the back after unfolding a bed-sheet or a piece of cloth on the floor (ground) and both the hands should be kept straight both sides as well as both the legs should also remain straight; the heels as closed to each other and feet’s claws as opened. After that, whole the body should be leaved as loose with closing the eyes and inhale slowly. The process of making the body as loose should be started from big toes (feet thumb) to head muscles through legs calf, back, chest and neck. But we should never sleep. It should be performed for 5 minutes. It provides much relax to the performer as well as strength and activeness. It makes the nervous systems active and enthusiasm and rapture (ambition) begin in the heart that makes a person interested in doing any work.  

        According to a great Yogi, this Asanas can be performed by lying on rest chair or anywhere with concentrating his mind at one point. The person who know the ways to provides relax to his body can create strength and activeness in his body by performing this Asanas on anywhere and anytime. We can take rest anywhere by making the mind relaxed. The performer of Shavas Asanas never feels any type of physical and mental tiredness.

Prandharan -

        When anyone becomes an expert in Shavas Asanas, he starts to get the benefits of other Asanas called ‘Prandharan’. For this purpose, a person is adjusted his breathing (inhaling and exhaling) slowly along with muscles relaxation. By performing this Asanas, not only the heart and lungs become relax, but the relaxation of all the muscular parts is taken place.