Relation of space therapy and fasting


Introduction :

        Among all the necessary elements for human body, sky (space) is the most useful element. It is the basic element of all five elements (earth, air, water, fire and sky). It is the finest element. Its place is vacant (represent vacant). By looking at the sky and sleeping under sky, the body gets power. By performing fast, anyone can use this element.  

Fast :

        It is the most important part of our life system (style). It is the best mean to maintain good health and to recover health again from sick. So, performing fast is beneficial for both sick and healthy people. Well fast is performed for Gods, but the main view of it is to eliminate diseases from the body. Many doctors believe that a person gets as much benefit by taking medicines as he gets that benefit by performing fast for little while.   

Benefits :

  • The important job of fast is to remove out toxin from the body, because the vital power when is free from digestion of food inside our body; it is engaged to eliminate the reasons of diseases. We know that digestion process goes on continuing inside our body. The nutritive elements are absorbed by the body through flesh, marrow, blood, etc. and waste products are removed out from the body in the form of stools, urine, phlegm, etc. Yet these wastes are left inside the body due to any reason that generates poisonous effects later after gathering, become the responsible of many diseases. For removing out these toxins (wastes) from the body, fast is performed.
  • By performing fast, the body organs get much power. Inside the body, nutritive elements of food is separated after churning and reached to the powerful fibers of the body. Waste products and gathered toxins start forwarding in excretory organs and come out easily from the body later.  
  • During fast, the body starts cleaning internally. The harmful bacteria present inside our body depend on foods eaten by us and most of them can not live longer without food. So if we ‌‍get fast, these bacteria start to die in absence of food and a person becomes free from stomach diseases. Those who intake balanced and normal food have no need to get fast as much as who intake heavy diet. Fasting is very important for those who take foods having enough fat and protein.

Ways for performing fast :

  • During fast, a performer should never eat even any type of food for the whole day.
  • About 2 liter water after adding 2-3 lemon juice in it should be taken many times in the whole day or the juice of fruits or vegetables can be taken.
  • In beginning, if a particular person faces troubles during fast for whole day, he can eat fruits only once in a day.
  • A person can perform fast for a day or for many days. Every person must perform fast minimum for a day in a week.
  • For breaking fast, solid diet should never be taken. For this purpose, the best thing is the juice of ripe orange, grapes or vegetables.
  • If a person performs fast for a day, he can break his fast by eating fruits. Many people take different types of dishes for this purpose which is harmful instead of benefit.
  • By performing fast, requirement of the body is fulfilled.
  • The fine and soft organs of the nature start working in the body.
  • It gives proper rest to all the body organs that increases his working ability.

When should we not perform fast? :

Pregnant :

        A pregnant should never perform fast, because at this period, she and her baby need additional nutrition, but she should take light and food enriched protein.

Diabetes :

        A diabetes patient should not perform fast. If he does not get food on time, sugar lever is decreased in his body and he starts feeling vertigo.

Rickets and night blindness :

        The people suffering from eyes disease like- weak sight or are not able to see at night should not perform fast. A rickets patient should also not perform fast, because such patients have lack of iron in their body.

Note :

        If a person is suffering from bad effects of his planet, he take an advice through an astrologer to perform fast to calm down that planet.


        For making Saturn planet favorable, a person should perform fast on Saturday and for impressing the sun, performing fast on Sunday is the best.

Acknowledgement :

        Fasting is important to all the aspects physically, mentally and spiritual. Every person must perform fast minimum once in a week.