Relation of acupressure treatment with health and beauty



Acupressure treatment is a treatment in which different types of diseases are treated by giving pressure on the acupoints found on the body. In the other hand, various types of diseases are treated by giving pressure on the sensitive area (acupoints) of different body organs with the help of our fingers and thumbs by a unique method. Many diseases are cured through this treatment without giving any medicines. It is not easy to become an expert of acupressure treatment.

If a person massages the right sole with the help of left palm after applying mustard oil on it and massages the left sole with the help of right palm daily for 10 minutes, he can gets rid of many diseases. By doing like this, the body resistance power against diseases is increased and the body gets ability to cure diseases.

If a person takes exercises daily in the morning, the body gets ability to fight against diseases and its resistance power is increased. There are also few rules for exercising like- exercises should be done always in the morning; exercises should not be practiced just after eating and it should be done always empty stomach.

Benefits (advantages) of acupressure treatment-

By this treatment, the cramps and pain of the hands and legs are eliminated, boosts health and increases beauty.  

By massaging the feels and soles through this treatment, the patient gets much benefits.

Various diseases of the body organs can be cured by through this treatment system.

A person remains young for longer by using this treatment daily.

Digestion process is become normal through this treatment

The pain of spinal cord and several bones is ended.

Skin diseases can be also cured by this treatment.

By this treatment, the endocrine glands start functioning well and diseases related to them can be also cured.

Diseases like heart attacks, paralysis, sciatica, gout, blood pressure and diabetes can be treated by this treatment.

The urinary systems can be also improved by this treatment.

Brains related disease can be also cured by this treatment.

Heart disease can be also treated easily by this treatment.

Diseases related to menses in women can be also treated by this treatment.   

In this way, we can say that acupressure treatment is a treatment by which human’s diseases can be treated without any cost and troubles and the patient also gets lots of benefits from it.

Soul’s (mind’s) beauty (true beauty)

The life style of a person develops by the beauty of his body and mind. When a person has partiality and jealous about others, his body and soul do not remain pure, because such people harm their selves as well as others. So, all the people should have kept their soul (mind) and body as clean (pure).

With keeping the body and soul (mind) as beauty, it is also necessary for every people that they must have renounce (surrender), forbearance, forgiveness, serve, good behave, affection (love), pit (mercy), humanity and dedication. If a person has no such types of properties, the beauty of his body and mind can not improve, so every human should adopt all these properties inside them.