Relation between sex and offense



Today, several offenses due to sex can be observed easily in the society. Mostly offenses relating to sex take place because of illegal sexual relationship. A person becomes angry too much when he knows about the illegal relationship of his wife. Sometimes, the person murders the man who has illegal relation with his wife. It is believed that man is the owner of the woman after marriage. In this case, how can he live silent? Now condition has been changed. In this age, a woman too cannot bear illegal relationship of her husband with another woman. A woman becomes fury because of this reason by knowing about it.   

Such women do everything to drive off another woman from the life of her husband. A woman, who has illegal relation with another man, cannot bear her husband’s illegal relationship with another woman too. A woman becomes ready to do everything when she becomes aware about the illegal relationship of her husband with another woman. Sometimes, such women do adventurous deeds to instruct their husbands. Sometimes, life of a man loses.  

It has been known after investigating sex offenses that women are on a high level in the reference of sex offenses. On the contrary, level of sex offences related to men has decreased. In the matter of sex, sexual urge of men is limited to rape whereas women can also murder to men. Sexual urge and feelings of revenge have become out of control. It cannot be said that there is no role of men in the matter of sex offences but nowadays men have started to fear from these kinds of incidents.

Some sexologists say that sex offences done by women are on a high level because of their uncontrollable sexual urge. Women want excessive sexual pleasure after marriage than men.  When a woman does not become satisfy from her husband, she tries to quench her sexual lust with another man. Thus, illegal sexual relationship takes birth. In this case, some women take revenge with their husbands by making illegal relationship with other men. They think that this is the best way to learn a lesson to their husbands. A woman accepts her illegal relationship with another man when her husband knows about illegal relationship of her wife. In this case, when he obstructs her wife by making illegal relationship, she does everything to dive of her husband from her way. Sometimes, some women kill their husbands if their husbands create obstruction in the way of illegal sexual relationship.  

Why women make illegal relationship with other men?

A young woman wants too much sexual intercourse after marriage. Sexual satisfaction of a young woman is done by her husband. If a husband is not able to satisfy her wife sexually, the young woman has to make illegal relationship with another man to satisfy her sexual desires. It is the duty of a husband that he will fulfill all the requirements of his wife whether the need is physical or sexual. A woman accommodates with basic requirements but she does not bear sexual hunger. This is the reason that she establishes illegal sexual relationship with another man. A man or woman becomes restless physically and mentally if one between the two is unsatisfied with sexual relationship.    

This is the reason that when a woman makes illegal relationship with another man, she tries to dive off all the obstructions come on her way. Sometimes, even a husband is murdered by such kind of woman. Not only woman is responsible for this sexual offence but also a man fully. If husband is not ready to establish sexual intercourse, he should not think so that his wife also does not want to make sexual intercourse. Sometimes it happens that a husband is tired because of work and he does not want to make sexual relations but it is not necessary that his wife also does not want to make sexual relation.  

In this situation, the woman can satisfy her sexual hunger by any way. Sexologists say that need of sexual intercourse becomes high if sexual urge is suppressed for a long time. Women have more power to suppress their sexual urge than the men have. A woman becomes ready to do everything whether it is wrong or right when line of contentment breaks. A woman crosses all the boundaries to get sexual satisfaction.    

Women are cleverer to intrigue sexual offences than men are. They finalize these kinds of offences sooner than men do. A woman kills a person only because of sexual urge. When a woman can establish sexual relation with another man, she can have made murder of her husband.  

Reason behind sexual offences:-

Gossip related to sex is considered wrong in our society and such persons who involve in it are considered bad too. Indians do not talk openly about sex while English talk about sex without hesitation. This is the reason that Indian teenagers are very curious to know about sex. A young person can go on wrong way without sexual knowledge. Married life of a couple becomes troublesome in the lack of sexual knowledge. On one hand, a man becomes excited soon and ejaculates soon but on the contrary, as a woman takes time to become excited as she takes time in getting satisfied. A woman wants full assistance of her husband to satisfy her sexual urge. A woman starts to live unhappy if she is not satisfied with sexual intercourse done by her husband. Sometimes, a woman complains to her mother or bhabhi when the limitations of her patience breaks.   

If the husband and wife want to remain far from such kinds of problems as sexually dissatisfaction, they should gain full knowledge about sex. If a man has full sexual knowledge, he can satisfy his wife. This thing not only makes a couple’s life happy but also sex offences do not take place. A man should ask to her wife about her sexual satisfaction after coition. It is the duty of a husband. If woman is dissatisfied with sexual intercourse, the man should try to satisfy her by making sexual relation. If he does not do so, it may be harmful for woman here it means to say that she can go on wrong way.     

Some men neglect their wives after marriage because of money or any proud. They quarrel with their wives on tiny issues and sometimes they beat them. Thus, loathing starts to originate between the husband and wife because of these tiny quarrels. A wife keeps on bearing the highhandedness of her husband for many days. A man does not care of her wife. He neither talks with her nor establishes sexual relation with her. Many women express their problems before their family members. On the other hand, many women bear themselves all the troublesome done by their husbands. They leave themselves on the behalf of fate. Such women become furious when they know that their husbands have illegal relationship with other women.

A blow on the feelings and trust of a woman breaks her totally. She cannot bear it at all. Some women threaten their husbands to make illegal sexual relationship with other men if they do not break their illegal sexual relation with other women. In this serious condition, if a woman has illegal sexual relation with another man, it is not only the fault of woman but also the husband  is fully responsible. Therefore, a husband should never neglect her wife at all and the husband should ignore tiny wrong deeds done by the woman. In this way, a family will not lose its existence and both husband and wife will pass happy married life.

All knows that sexual offences have been increasing because of illegal sexual relation whether the matter belongs to a man or woman. Both matters are called sexual offences.

Sexologists think that sexual offences take place when both husband and wife go on wrong path. Sexual offence between husband and wife takes place necessarily whether it may take place after 6 months or after 3 years. Offence related to sex is serious and in most of cases either wife or husband has to sacrifice and another goes behind the bars. It is bitter truth of sexual offences.

Sex se aparadh ka sambandh