Red Toon Indian Mahogany Tree



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Name in different languages:

Sanskrit      :         Tun, Nanda, Nandi tree, Apeen

Hindi          :         Toon

Marathi       :         Nandrukh

Gujarati       :        Tunee

Bengali       :        Toongachh, Tunee

English       :        Red toon Indian mahogany tree

Latin           :        Cedrela tona


           Red toon Indian mahogany is pungent, sweet and bitter in taste and cool in nature, small and nutritive. It is useful for the treatment of white flecks, blood disorders caused by bile, wound, itching, blood disorders, bile disorders and inflammation. It stops stool and increases sperm count.

           Red toon Indian mahogany bark is nutritive, very contractive and cures fever. It can be used to prevent chronic diarrhoea of children. After that, apply the poultice of red toon Indian mahogany on the affected part. It is useful to cure wound.