Real sexual pleasure in married life



          Each man wants most beautiful wife and each girl wants strong, healthy and beautiful man as a husband. The man and woman think in this way so that they may pass happy married life

         Nature has made both man and woman as a substitute to each other. None between the two can step further but when they get married to each other, both get mental, physical and internal satisfaction. This is called the real pleasure of happy and successful married life in true sense. Nowadays, marriage means not only the production of children. Sexula intercourse plays a very important role between husband and wife. it is necessary for happy, pleasurable and enjoyable married life. If a man wants to take great advantage from sexual relations with her wife, he should not forget that his wife has also same kinds of feelings. Here it means to say that a husband should pay attention over the feeling of his wife.

        One research proves that both husband and wife can avoid from several kinds of sexual diseases through successful sexual relation. Successful sexual relation is a boon to get beauty.

Healthy body:-

  • Every kinds of pain as headache and body ache disappear after making sexual relation. It happens so because such hormones excrete in the body at the time of sexual excitement, which ends the pain.
  • All the muscles become active after sexual intercourse because of exercising. A man exercises his muscles in one time sexual intercourse as a swimmer exercise in 20 times swimming.
  • Regular sexual intercourse avoids a man from heart diseases and blood pressure.
  • Body gets a power to fight against several diseases through successful sexual intercourse. Such diseases are as fever, cold and catarrh and flu.
  • Blood circulation becomes fast through the activities of fore play before sexual intercourse. In this way, skin of the body becomes shiny and beautiful through successful sexual intercourse.
  • Estrogen hormone takes birth in the body after sexual intercourse. This hormone makes the hair healthy, shiny and beautiful.
  • Successful sex is the substitute of light exercise. A man spends 12 calories whereas woman spends 8 calories in one time sexual relation.  
  • According to gynecologists, a woman who has interest in sexual activities remains far from breast cancer.  
  • After ejaculation, a man feels activeness and agility in the body and enjoyment and pleasure in the mind.
  • Successful sexual intercourse avoids both husband and wife from a disease of bones named austiporisis.

Mental health:-

  • If there is a condition of gloominess, sexual intercourse proves very beneficial. Mental tension, depression, gloominess or anxiety enhances an element named adrenal. This element disappears after sexual intercourse and the man feels pleasure.   
  • Patients of insomnia get great benefit through sexual intercourse.  
  • Regular sexual intercourse sharpens the mind and feelings.
  • Courage and self-respect increase through sexual intercourse.
  • Excretion of an element named endarfin increases in the body, which is very beneficial for heart and brain
  • Mental depression disappears completely through regular sexual intercourse.