It is beneficial to use Ratanhia drug to cure many types of symptoms of diseases related to the rectum. It has cured peterigium. This drug provides relief from excessive hiccup. It is advantageous to repair torn-cut breasts lesions (wounds) resulting this type of breast symptoms recovered. It is also used to kill suchi-worm.

Use of Ratanhia drug in various symptoms:-

Head-related symptoms:- Pain like explosion while sitting with bowing his head on the front side for excretion, feels stretched skin from the nose to the head. To fix such symptoms of the patient, Ratanhia should be used.

Stomach-related symptoms:- Feeling as if someone is moving knives in the stomach. Use of Ratanhia drug is effective to cure the symptoms of the patient suffering from such stomach-related symptoms.

Symptoms related to the rectum:- Feels pain in the rectum as if someone stuffs broken glass in it, anus inflammation and pain after excretion for several hours, feeling contraction of the anus, with warm, anus feels as if someone cuts it with a knife, the patient has to apply force for excretion by which, warts of piles comes out, cracks on the skin near the anus and contraction also and burning sensation like fire, feeling some relief after washing warts with cold water. Discharge little fluids from the anus, suchi-worm in the stomach, itching sensation on the anus, etc. If a person has any symptoms of these types, using Ratanhia drug is beneficial to cure symptoms of his disease.

Symptoms associated with toothache (pain in teeth):- Woman feels toothache in the beginning months of her pregnancy and feels as if her teeth become longer, signs of diseases are aggravated by lying down, so the patient gets up and walk. Using Ratanhia drug is beneficial to cure disease of the patient.

Breasts-related symptoms:- Cracking and ripping the nipples of those women who feed their baby. Breasts are cracked at the time of giving birth, etc. Ratanhia drug should be used to cure the symptoms of female patient suffering from such types of breasts-related symptoms.

Intestines related symptoms:- The intestines do not work (function) properly and constipation goes on persisting, stool becomes hard because of which, the patient has to effort longer for excretion. The patient feels sharp pain in the anus after defecation (excretion) and feels as if pieces of glass are pricking in her anus, etc. To cure this type of symptoms, using of Ratanhia drug is appropriate.

Stomach (abdomen)-related symptoms:- Stomachache as if someone hit with a knife. To cure the symptoms of this type, using Ratanhia drug is beneficial.


         The symptoms of diseases are aggravated during pregnancy, by lying down, at night, by touching disease affected parts, during and after excretion, after taking meal, etc.


         The symptoms of diseases start to recover (cure) by walking, showering with cold water, washing with warm water, etc.

         We can compare some properties of Bryonia, Carbo-ac, Sikle,Cantharis, Hyo, Petro, Phosphorus, Rhus-ta, Thuja, Veretrum, Lachesis, Mag-ca, Natr-mu, Lycopodium, Nit-ac, Nux-vomica, etc. drugs with Ratanhia.

         3rd to 6th potency of Ratanhia should be used to cure the symptoms of diseases. Using topical ointment proves more profitable in many disease related to the rectum.