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Hujuj is pungent with yellow colour. It maturates the pus. Mix alum in Hujuj and grind it with water. Apply this paste on the eyelids, it provides relief. It is also useful in the diseases caused by cold.  It cures the wounds of ureter. Grind Hujuj with water and apply on the wounds. Its use cures wounds. Kamal baie (a kind of gout) is also cured by its use. It should be taken 1-3 grams.

Method of preparing Hujuj: Mix equal amount of Indian berberry decoction with milk and cook until the mixture remains 1/4 parts and thickens. It is called Hujuj. It is very useful for eyes.

Name in different languages:

English      -        Hujuj

Hindi         -        Rasaut

Sanskrit     -        Rasanjan

Bengali      -        Rasvat

Gujrati       -        Rasvanti

Marathi      -        Rasanjan

Qualities: Hujuj is bitter, pungent and hot in nature. It is useful for eyes and reduces poison effect. It cures wound also. A person remains far from old age if he takes hujuj regularly.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Eye disease: Prepare a paste by mixing rock salt, myrolelans, alum and opium mixing with Hujuj. Apply this paste around the eyes. It provides relief.

2. Mouth ulcer: Make heat Hujuj with honey. Apply it on the mouth ulcer. It provides relief to the patient.

3. Relapsing fever: Take 1\4 gram Hujuj thrice a day on empty stomach or 2 hour before or after meal. Remember one thing that the person should sleep covering with a sheet. After some time the patient feels nervousness or thirst but don’t care. Don’t drink water. After sweating patient feels weakness. Take rice starch or milk after one hour.

4. Sinus of eyes: Grind Hujuj with woman milk and apply in the eyes like collyrium. Its regular use for some days cures the wounds of eyes.

5. Throat disease:

  • Grind Hujuj with rose water and apply in eyes. Conjunctivitis and red eyes are cured by applying this paste.
  • Grind Hujuj with water and apply on the eyelids. Its use cures blephritis.

6. Empyema: Taking 5-20 grams Hujuj with butter provides a lot of relief in this disease.

7. Inflammable ani:

  • Grind Hujuj with the water and apply this paste on child anus. It is useful in inflammable ani.                                                           
  • Mix 1 to 3 grams Hujuj with butter or cream. Give this mixture to the child twice a day and apply its paste around child anus. Its use cures child inflammable ani.

8. Blood with gums: Mix Hujuj, nut grass and lodh with honey and apply this paste on gums. Its use cures all gums diseases.

9. Mouth blisters: Mix Hujuj with honey and put it inside the mouth. Its use cures mouth blisters and stomatitis.

10. Contraception: Grind Hujuj, myrolelans and Indian gooseberry (aamlaki) each 6 grams and take three grams this preparation with water twice a day. Take it continuously for three days after menstrual excretion. It is a good contraception. The woman remains far from pregnancy for three year after its use.

11. Ear pain: Mix honey with ground Hujuj. Pour its drops into the ear. Its use provides relief in ear pain.

12. Diarrhea: Grind Hujuj, mango stone and pepper each in equal quantity. Give this powder to the child with honey to lick. Its use prevents diarrhea.

13. Piles:

  • Prepare powder by grinding 5 grams Hujuj, 50 grams small myrolelans and 50 grams pomegranate plants peel. Take 5 grams this powder daily with water. It provides relief in piles.
  • Grind Hujuj, camphor and neem seeds with water. Apply this paste on the piles warts. Its use destroys warts.
  • Take Hujuj and caraway both 3 grams daily. Its use provides relief in this disease.
  • Taking half to 2 grams Hujuj is useful for the treatment of this disease.

14. Otorrhoea: Grind Hujuj with woman milk and mix honey and ghee in it.  Drip its drops into ear. Its use stops stinking pus from the ear.

15. Sprue:

  • Grind thickly 50 grams Hujuj and soak it in 250 ml water for one hour. After that grind it again and filter it. Cook it. When it becomes thick after cooking, prepare tablets like black pepper. Take 5 tablets with whey at the regular interval of four hours.  Its use cures this disease named sprue.
  •  If a person suffers from sprue due to bile disorder, grind properly Hujuj, Indian atees, holarrhena antidysentrica wall and growny grislea flowers each in equal quantity. Take two pinches of this powder with whey of cow milk. Its use cures sprue caused by bile disorder.

16. Hurt:  If there is swelling caused by hurt and sprain, apply lodh paste on the affected part. Its use reduces swelling.

17. Otalgia: If anyone has been suffering from burning sensation due to ear swelling, apply hujuj paste. It provides relief.

18. Fistula: Grind hujuj, opinthalmic berberry, madder root, neem leaves, turpeth root and toothache tree and prepare a paste. Apply it on the fistula. Its use cures this disease.

19. Leucorrhoea:

  • Mix hujuj and laccifer lacca with goat’s milk. Its use cures blood leucorrhoea. 
  • Take hujuj and amaranths root with rice water (mandh). Its use provides relief in leucorrhoea.   

20. Stomach wounds: Take 1/2 to 2 grams hujuj with butter twice a day. Its use cures inner and outer wounds of the stomach.

21. Blood leucorrhoea: Take 1-3 grams hujuj with cream or butter. It provides relief in blood leucorrhoea.

22. Diseases of diabetes: Grind hujuj, sweet root each 50 grams, neem’s peel, myrolealans, beleric myrobalans’ kernel, hemp seeds, caraway and sweet scented oleander each 6 grams, 3 grams pure opium and 30 grams sugar candy. Prepare 1-1 grams tablets of this mixture. Take 1-1 tablet twice a day with water or cow milk. Old diabetes is also cured by taking these tablets.

23. Blood disorder due to bile: Give hujuj equal to gram (chana) to the child to cure blood disorders due to bile. Its use provides relief.

24. Epistaxis: This disease is cured by smelling Hujuj after burning.

25. Big and deep fleck of the face: Grind hujuj and mix honey in it. Apply this paste on the fleck. Its use removes the fleck.

26. Tumor (Head’s tumor): Apply Hujuj paste on the maturate tumor. Its use cures tumor.

27. Carbuncle: Mix hujuj and camphor with butter. Apply it on the affected part. Its use stops pain quickly.

28. Child diseases:

  • If there are any problem in a child’s eyes, grind hujuj and apply. It can be used as a collyrium for eyes. Its use gives relief.
  • Dissolve hujuj into mother milk or water and give to the child. In addition to apply this paste on the anus. Its use cures inflammable ani.

29. Good for child disease: Apply hujuj with elephant teeth ash on child’s head. Hair grows soon with its use.

30. Inflammation in the nerve: To reduce nerve sensation and swelling apply hujuj paste. It provides relief in pain.  

31. Medicines for child diseases:

  • Grind conch, liquorice  Anti-bile remedy should be followed when the patient has been suffering from inflammed ani. This paste provides relief in inflammed ani.
  •  and hujuj with water. Apply this paste on the child’s anus. It provides relief in inflammed ani.

32. Swelling in the body:  Its paste reduces the swelling of the body.

33. Vincent angina: Mix camphor and butter with hujuj. Apply this paste on the throat. Its use provides relief in this disease.