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[ Q ] Related Medicines:

Name in different languages:

English           -            Quince

Hindi              -            Bihi, Bahi, Kashmiri Naashpati

Sanskrit          -            Sinchitka, Amratphal

Marathi           -            Bihi, Moongali, Vedan

Gujrati            -            Moglaie vedan

Bengali           -            Bihidana

Latin               -            Cydonia vulgaris


       Quince is greasy, sweet, stimulant, juicy, purgative, lubricant and cold. Its use destroys vatta, pitta and kapha. It is useful for the liver and ends burning sensation. Quince calms the mind and circulates the blood in the heart. It increases blood, urine and physical power of the body. It thickens the blood too.

     It is useful in indigestion, anorexia, vomiting, brain disorders, headache, blood diarrhoea, and disturbed liver, anemia, disturbances in blood caused by bile, strangury, asthma, cough and fever. It ends the weakness of the body. It also quenches thirst and gets rid of stomach pain.