Quassia-picraena excelsa



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           Quassia-Picraena excelsa acts effectively on the gastric organs and the eyes. It cures many diseases of the eyes like- cataract and vision problems. 

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Liver related symptoms:-

           Quassia-Picraena excelsa is the great remedy in the cases of pain in the right intercostal glands above the liver or lancinating pain and pressure in the liver and any problem of the spleen.

Stomach-related symptoms:-

           Quassia-Picraena excelsa drug should be used in the cases of flatulence, excessive gas in the stomach, heart inflammation, pain of the digestive systems, sometimes feeling of stomach emptiness and feels as if stomach has pressed inwards, problems of the digestion systems due to any problems of infection or influenza and dysentery, tongue dryness, brown and sticky filth of the tongue and liver problems along with above symptoms. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Urine-related symptoms:-

           Quassia-Picraena excelsa is an excellent remedy in the cases of excessive desire for urination, inability to hold urine and diabetes mellitus. If a child suffers from the above symptoms, child urinates on the bed just after awaking. This medicine cures above symptoms quickly. 

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

         Quassia-Picraena excelsa drug is used in the cases of problems of the digestive systems with yawning and stretching, sensation of cold in the back, anorexia, despair, coldness in many organs of the body and feeling of coldness in the internal parts of the body. This medicine provides quick relief from the above symptoms.


           1st to 3rd potency or one teaspoon decoction of Quassia-picraena excelsa should be used for curing diseases